Another birthday, another year older….or younger..depends on how you look at it. There are two types of people when it comes to aging- those that embrace age and welcome it with open arms (wrinkles included), and those that dread it like the plague. The thought of another year of getting older, closer to, well you know, death, and further away to what society deems as \’young,\’  is agonizing. 
Have you ever asked yourself, which are you?
I think I teeter between the two. Embracing the aging process (and simultaneously the increased wisdom- so I hope) some days, and giving myself anxiety about getting older on other days. 
One thing I do know- is that whether I\’m 37, 57 or 87, I\’m going to live my life, be grateful, and wear a good bra ( I might feel young, but that doesn\’t translate to my tatas). 😂

Next question. Are you big on celebrating birthdays? Are you the type that celebrates all month long? Or are you the type that barely squeaks about the big day in hopes it\’s quickly forgotten? I\’ve always loved celebrating my birthday, and yes, I am guilty of those month long celebrations that I milk until there\’s nothing left to give. What can I say, I like to treat myself! I\’ve noticed though, as I\’ve gotten older, the celebrations have shifted. I\’m more into celebrating with my Buccio clan whether it\’s brunch or dinner or a cake at home. This year it was a few brunches and dinners! The birthday soirees have definitely gotten simpler and a little more intimate, and I quite like that! 
So, without putting so many expectations or unnecessary pressure on myself in the year of 37, what are some things that I hope to achieve/do this year? Let\’s see, from the most superficial to the most impactful. 
1- I\’d like to learn how to finally do a french braid. Yes, people. I have no clue how to do one. 
2- I\’d like to go bike riding. I keep staring at my bikes on the balcony and keep saying, \”I\’m going to go ride a bike,\” yet, I don\’t. 
3- I want to adopt a dog. I also need to convince Coco to adopt a dog.  
4- I want to find a charity or a hospital where maya and I can do volunteer work together. 
5- Find a job (besides being a mom)  that I absolutely love…again. 
6- Kind of goes without saying, but take everyday as an opportunity to be better, to grow, and to challenge myself. 

Ringing in 37 in this floral H&M dress! I absolutely LOVEEEEEE the pop of red and the light dusty blue hues. They compliment each other so well! I especially love the dress\’s high neck. It\’s sophisticated without being stuffy. Keeping with the red trend, we did a nice bright pout, and it\’s working so well with the blonde! 
You\’ve seen my electric blue Louboutins make an appearance from time to time, and here they are again! These were definitely one of Coco\’s best birthday gifts! 

In Style,