Changing Things Up and Doing You.

I\’ve always been somewhat of a fashion chameleon, always trying new things and changing up my look. For starters, my hair has been every shade under the sun (think orange, blonde, black, even a reddish plum). I spent a pretty penny growing up buying color in a box, and then when I could afford it, I started making trips to the salon. When I first moved to NY,  I was sporting some caramel and honey colored highlights; and I was so obsessed, I would literally fly down to Miami to get them done every 6-8 weeks. Anyways, I lost my train of thought. The point is, that I often change my look; not just when it comes to hair, but fashion as well. I think it\’s so fun to test the waters and try new things. Along the way, you unknowingly find your true style personality. I know I did.

My fashion evolution has been wild. I love looking back at old photos and seeing all the different phases I\’ve gone through style wise. Some are quite memorable and almost questionable (too tight bright pants that often gave me camel toe), and others I would still rock today (from vintage tees and jeans from Goodwill to pointy toe Jimmy Choo heels). Here\’s what I\’ve found to be consistent in those periods of change: I like long, dark brown hair. It\’s what I always go back to when it comes down to it, though right now, I\’m really obsessed with my Kimmy K long blonde moment. I love bangs too. Fashion wise- skinny jeans, blouses, animal prints, booties, booties with dresses, florals. Lots and lots of florals. And stripes. Seems like I own a lot of striped tops. I rather dresses to any other type of clothing and I love anything high-waisted. I dislike cap sleeves, pencil skirts, super high heels, and anything extremely tight. I need room for food, plus I don\’t need anyone asking me if I\’m pregnant. Though I do love to wear extremely tight things when I\’m pregnant because I can get away with it AND I don\’t have to suck in my stomach.

Even today, at 37 years young, I still find it fun to try a new look while still keeping to what I like and  what works for me. My husband teases that I\’ve changed my looks so many times in the 16 years we\’ve been together, that it feels like he\’s with someone different every time! Jokes aside though, he loves it. He has no choice.

Here\’s the thing, though. I dress for me. I don\’t dress for anyone else or to be up on the latest trends. I definitely do not wear things I don\’t like or don\’t suit me, no matter what Vogue magazine says. You can\’t buy into trends just because. If something is \’trendy,\’ it doesn\’t mean you HAVE to wear it. It also doesn\’t mean it\’ll work for you. There are many trends I like but I also know that some are not for me, and I\’m not buying into those just because everyone is doing it or wearing it. 
If I wear something, it\’s because I like it and it works for me. That\’s all that matters. If you don\’t like it, as I say in Spanish, Bueno. Which brings me to this post! 
First off, can I say how crazy that these photos were taken about a month or so ago and I already look different! Ha! That\’s what I am talking about. My real hair is slightly longer, I have extensions, and I\’m growing out my bangs. I\’m definitely trying out different color palettes with the blonde hair that I hadn\’t tried out before. Big difference! 
Back to this look. I am digging the 90\’s grunge vibe this outfit is giving off with the platinum blonde. From the black and yellow plaid pattern, to the white booties with fishnet socks, It screams \’Courtney Love Grunge Cool\’ minus the drug addiction (😳).  I paired it with a studded black belt and with a tiger embellished chain purse. You know I had to throw in the aviator specs in there, or as my friends jokingly refer to them as, my child molester glasses (or Jeffrey Dahmer glasses).  Knowing how much they dislike them, I make it a point to wear them even more! 
Guess who likes them, though? I do! 

I had such mixed feedback from this look when I first posted it on Instagram. Some people loved it and thought it was cool and funky, while others were perplexed as to why I would wear this. I found the variety in opinions hilarious and interesting because it all comes down to personal taste, really. I love hearing the feedback, though.

I love this Zara tunic dress. The belt is also Zara. It\’s so comfortable and easy to wear.  I actually wore it with a black turtleneck underneath and it looked fab and even cozier! That\’s another BIG style change for me. Back in the day, my motto was, the tighter the better- tight tops, tight dresses, tight skirts.  Lots of cleavage. Breast spillage everywhere! Now, it\’s the complete opposite. I love loose-fitting pieces, my lady bits are strapped in (not to say they don\’t come out once in a while to play), and not everything is \’matchy matchy.\’ Oh goodness. The days of matchy matchy.

I love the hook detailing on the side of the dress. I opted to leave it open so I had more of a slit. I also love that this is the kind of dress that you can dress up or dress down. You can wear it with sneakers or you can wear it with booties. For me, this versatility is KEY.

So whether you\’re a fan of this look or your not, I hope you take away one important thing. Dress for you. Dress to  Impress yourself. Don\’t worry about anyone else. You do you.

**** ALL PHOTOS BY Photos by Jenise. ****

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