The Ramblings

It\’s out with the old and in with the new; the cliche that sums up the end of another year and the start of new things to come! It\’s true that every day is an opportunity to star afresh, to set goals, and basically just be a better human; but, there is something about the new year that makes even a cynic seem hopeful. It\’s up to us to create our happiness, to keep the focus on the positive, and to seize our moment and run with it. 
It may sound cliche, but 2017 continued to be a year of growth, of life lessons, resilience, and spending way too much money on lice treatments (note to self: no more Beyonce braids in Jamaica). Coco and I celebrated 10 years of marriage and went on our first vacation without the kids. Maya started Kindergarten and Rocco made his daycare/preschool debut, and since then, I\’ve grown more sane! Plus, it\’s extremely helpful when it comes to getting my work done. We enjoyed family vacations, staycations, beach trips, rollercoaster rides, tastings, and so much more! Everyday I grow more thankful and more aware that the greatest gift I have, are the three meatballs that make up my Buccio clan. It\’s easy sometimes to lose focus and perspective when things aren\’t going according to plan or when life throws you some curve balls  and you realize you have to work even harder to get over the humps, but then you circle back and remember how truly lucky and blessed you are. At least I do. When my mind wanders and goes negative, I bring it right back to the blessings and silver linings in my life. Try it. It\’s not always easy breezy, but it sure does feel good when you set your mindset to \’gratitude mode.\’ 
Which brings me to 2018.  

I\’m a non-resolution kind of girl. I understand that setting goals and aspirations and resolutions helps many people, but for me, I like to go into the new year with an open mind, heart, and zero pressure. Life is stressful as it is, and setting these definitive goals and high expectations with little room for failure at the start of something new, can be well, daunting and stressful. That\’s not a positive way to kick off the year, at least in my opinion. It also doesn\’t mean that I\’m going into the new year clueless and unmotivated; on the contrary. I am always striving to be better- a better human being, a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, and a better student. I\’m not perfect and I\’ll never be (even though we all like to think we are), but there is always room for self-improvement and for self-actualization whether it\’s in your personal or your professional life. It\’s about focusing on the little things like living in the moment and not on my phone, having more patience with people in general but more importantly with my kids and husband, taking care of my body and mind by continuing to do some form of exercise that\’s rewarding, and above all, taking the time to nurture myself and the things that I like to do. Whether it\’s reading, writing, watching a movie or a tv show, getting together with friends, or simply just going for a walk, doing \’you\’ allows for the best version of who you are to shine through. No one likes crabby Kathy. Just ask Coco. =) 

I\’ve also been thinking about my mom a lot. You never stop missing or mourning your mother. It doesn\’t matter how long it\’s been. I miss her daily. I miss her when I see my kids\’ faces, when I see a mother-daughter grabbing lunch together, or really just when I\’m feeling down and need someone to talk to that isn\’t my therapist or my husband. I constantly talk to my kids about their Mami Tere because I want them to know just how special and wonderful she was and how she will always be a part of their lives.  
Part of the reason I wanted to go blonde for a while was to feel more connected to her, and strangely I do. When my friends or family tell me, \”You look so much like your mom right now,\” it actually makes me smile. There\’s a connection- a memory that is comforting and soothing. It\’s the same with this outfit. I remember vividly my mom wearing this checkered blazer. I remember it hanging in her closet and the shoulder pads that made her look more fierce than she already was. When I slide it on, I feel her and it brings me such joy. She was a fashionable woman and enjoyed dressing up and living her best life every single day. So when you see me sporting this special vintage piece, know I\’m a little happier, a little more confident than usual on that day because I\’m wearing a part of my mom with me- my  \’superhero cape.\’ 
As far as this outfit, I wanted to pull off a power suit look (with a twist) after I found similar pants at Forever 21. I paired it with a vintage Mickey tee and white booties and love how it looks. It\’s fun, classic, with a side dish of vintage. 

What\’s coming to the blog in 2018? Well, I\’m re-branding. Little by little because believe it or not, I\’m slightly technologically challenged and one of my very best friends is helping me throughout the process. I\’m excited and nervous, and I\’ve been feeling that it\’s time for a change. Who I am as a micro-brand is continuously evolving. I love fashion and it is still at the forefront, but I\’ve been doing a lot more food, some beauty and travel as well. I\’ll always be the \’freshlysqueezedfasionista,\’ but as I evolve and the blog evolves, using my name, @kathybuccio, is more inclusive when it comes to my writing and production assignments and it can all live under one umbrella. Kathy Buccio is who I am, and who I will always be and I think I want that to come across even more prominently on my blog and in my work as well. 
So here\’s to each and every one of you, squeezers! My loyal followers and friends. I toast to your health, to your ambitions and dreams, to your ability to keep going in the face of adversity, and to your passions. May 2018 continue to enlighten and brighten you and may your wardrobe always be just as fabulous as you! 

In Style, 
Kathy Buccio