Hello Squeezers! It\’s Sunday night, and all my people are tucked away in their beds and it\’s just me, my computer, and the last few chapters of Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri (if you haven\’t seen this Oscar nominated flick, you MUST). I\’m taking advantage of this rare quiet time to catch up on my blog posts! So, yay for that! 
For the next few posts, I\’ll be sharing some trend forecasts for the spring! Just straight up fashion and pictures. I\’ve got some \”deep thoughts\” posts brewing, but for right now, I want to keep it light and fun! 
Let\’s kick it off with the first one-

There\’s a reason this mighty trend keeps taking on different lifeforms each season! Polka dots have the ability to be both elegant and fun. We saw it all over the runway this season- from Dior to Carolina Herrera- from bold to playful. There are so many different way to bring this trend to life and it\’s versatility is probably one of the reasons why it has been at the forefront time and time again. 
I own several polka dot pieces from midi skirts to sweatshirts, but I have to say this polka dot blouse from Zara is one of my favorites! You know when you walk into a store and your eyes immediately dart from side to side in a room until they immediately fixate on that one item you have to have? For me, it was this blouse. I saw it on the mannequin and knew it belonged in my closet. Only I wasn\’t going to pay full price for it. It just wasn\’t in my budget, so I had to let it be. Fast forward a few weeks later at Zara\’s famous \’rebajas (sales),\’ and there it was! Not only did I find it in my size, but it was discounted to 19 bucks! 

I also love mixing my polka dots with different patterns and print. While I do LOVE me a head to toe polka dot outfit, it\’s fun to break it up and mix it up with something unexpected. I paired my blouse, wait, did I mention that my blouse has a big, fat fabulous bow on it?! It makes it even more spectacular! Anywho, I paired it with my checkered trousers, which also happen to be high-waisted and I love the combination! 
I added chunky gold heels, and my black hat from Goorin Bros to give it an extra \’Kathy touch.\’ I\’m already thinking of other ways to wear this blouse. It\’s long enough that I can wear as a tunic with a pair of leggings, with my denim skirt, or my mom jeans, oh yeah. 
So I\’m here to tell you, you need polka dots in your life! Big ones, little ones, colorful ones. It doesn\’t matter what size or color, we don\’t discriminate! You just need them. Your spring wardrobe will thank you. 

*** All Photos by Elizabeth of Ra-Haus.
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