Finding Those Little Moments in a Creative Rut

Hola Squeezers! I hope you guys are living your best life and enjoying the little moments. It\’s so easy to get consumed and affected by the negative vortex of our surroundings. Turning on the TV, unless you\’re watching your favorite show, is no longer a means of relaxation. Another mass shooting, another dead child, a heartbroken family left to pick up the shattered pieces- how is that comforting? How does that make us feel safe or how does that let us find joy when things can seem so depressing? 
That\’s why I say, enjoy the little moments. Easier said than done, I know. We owe it to ourselves, to those around us, to our little ones, our loved ones, and to humanity in general, because amidst the negativity and grief, there is always something that can make us smile. It\’s up to us to take that approach and make the effort. I, myself, am trying to do that. 
Those are my honest two cents this morning. I want to focus on the little moments, on what is right in front of me, because sometimes, I forget. Right now, I am home alone, sitting in bed, catching up on this blog post, writing assignments, and a laundry list of things to do, and I\’m savoring it. I am thankful for the few hours I get to do this without distraction, to cross something off my list, which makes me feel and be productive, catching up on all sorts of emails, and more importantly, having a minute to gather my thoughts, regroup, and breathe. Those are little moments. When I  pick up my kids from school and get greeted by the best hugs, those are the moments worth enjoying and living for. 
Whether it\’s a quick coffee break, stepping outside for a breather, a dip in the pool, or maybe its sitting outside a fast food joint enjoying a value meal in your car, hey, those are all  little moments. What will you do to enjoy the little moments? 

One of the reasons I\’m so focused on enjoying the little moments and focusing on the positive is because as of late, I\’ve been in a bit of a creative rut. It\’s a first world problem, really, but lately, I\’m feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated when it comes to the blog. I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be doing a revamp, and that is still happening, however, it\’s a sloooooooow process. When I think about all the things I want to do, need to do, without many resources to actually do it (I.e. money, time, etc), I get overwhelmed. I know I\’ll get there, but I guess it\’s not happening as fast as I like it. 
I\’m not one to compare myself to others. It\’s never been my thing and we are all on our own individual journey or path, but sometimes I do look around and see that my counterparts are a little further along on this blog race. Granted, I haven\’t been doing this for very long, but still. The good news is I do snap myself out of the comparisons and go back to \’doing me,\’ but it can sometimes feel frustrating and exhausting. 
I haven\’t posted in over a month because I am visually not happy with how my actual blog looks. It\’s outdated, in my opinion, and needs to be spruced up. What I really need is a money tree so I can shake it and grab some dolla dolla bills to pay someone to help me! Right?! We all know that blogging is work and it costs money and is an investment. It\’s about the time and money you want to commit to it  in order to have it grow. 
You want to be original in a sea of so many talented and diverse influencers, in a social world that is constantly changing and evolving. I\’m looking at these fashion photos now, with my hot pink sweater with the word \’ORIGINAL\’ spelled across and that got me thinking, \”What makes you original?\” \”How can I be original in a saturated world of talent and \’who\’s who?\” I can\’t be the only person that asks herself that. I mean, in order to grow those are questions we constantly have to ask ourselves. It\’s finding the balance of originality without comparing yourself to others, and remembering we are human, and not being so hard on ourselves. Little moments, Kathy. Little moments. 

Good thing is, I\’m also a problem solver and in life, I\’ve had to learn the art of patience. I\’m not very good at it, to be honest, it\’s a work in progress. So what will I do? Well, for one thing, I\’m not going to make excuses and stop writing just because I\’m not happy with how the blog looks. Writing is self-expression and cathartic for me, and what\’s the difference between writing on a sheet of paper or on blogspot? I know with time, I\’ll have a snazzy and new updated blog to work with, but for now, I\’m not going to let that be a deterrent hurdle. At the end of the day, it\’s about sharing with you guys, and I want to keep doing that. 
Secondly, how am I going to be original? By being me. I\’m not changing who I am, what I wear, or what I share to conform with any trends or algorithms. I like who I am, and I hope that you like what I share. Sure, I need to work on a more \’cohesive\’ Instagram feed, but what can I say? I love sharing anything and everything and sometimes it\’s not cohesive, but I know it\’s entertaining. At least, I hope it is! 
That\’s all I can do…..for now. I\’m going to cut myself some slack. I have to focus on all the work I HAVE accomplished with minimal resources and the help of friends, to get this platform up and running and I am PROUD. I\’m going to take my own advice, I\’m going to practice what I preach, and I\’m going enjoy the little moments! 

Before we wrap this up, let\’s discuss the outfit! Did I mention that Maya picked out the H&M sweater? How could I say no! She said it was perfect for me because it\’s \”fuzzy and pink,\” Do I need any more convincing? I think not! I paired with my favorite Forever 21 checkered pants, because these are a neutral patterned pant and go with any kind of top. I love that you can make them sophisticated and classic, but they can also be alternative and vintage-inspired. 
I think with this look, the accessories do the talking as well- a leopard clutch, some sleek white boots, my aviator glasses, and a fisherman cap to tie this street style look together. Oh, can\’t forget the pom pom earrings! Sign me up, for anything pom pom. 
Let\’s keep our fingers crossed for one more cold front so I can wear this outfit again! 
In Style,