It\’s that time of year! Music festival season- from Coachella to Hangout Fest to Governor\’s Ball and so many more in between, it can only mean one thing- Festival Fashion is coming. You\’ll start seeing it pop up in popular fast fashion stores, vintage boutiques will be swarmed with fashionistas, and those graphic rock n\’ roll tees that once belonged to mom or dad (or maybe you picked one up at Urban Outfitters), will be part of your wardrobe repertoire.

While I be live streaming some of the performances from my couch as I go \’Nowherella\’ (see what I did there), that doesn\’t mean I can\’t bring you some festival inspo to get you in the spirited mood. I teamed up with Danielle Margherite of Danielle Margherite Photography to capture some festival goodness for the gram and the blog. We took this pink floral number to Wynwood and just check out the amazingness she captured!

When I scroll through Instagram, sometimes I feel like a lot of the girls basically just pull a bunch of random items from their closets and wear it all together and voila, they have a festival look. Do any of you feel the same way?! And hey, sometimes it\’s magic and it\’s fabulous. Other times, it leaves me scratching my head. Most of the time, these outfits are meticulously planned out. While I\’m all about taking fashion risks and trying new trends and having fun, I also don\’t want to leave people wondering, \’homeless or hipster?\’ 
You can keep it fairly simple and still standout with some key pieces. Just like we touched upon florals as a big trend for spring, floral fashion is blooming all over the music festival fields. I actually found this pink floral dress in the clearance section at H&M and I love it. I love easy dresses I  can slip on and wear for any occasion. I have a \’dress and go\’ mentality as of late and this dress fits the bill perfectly. I can wear it with sneakers, boots, a leather jacket for spring, even heels if I\’m in the mood to dress it up. It\’s the perfect dress to lounge around on a grassy knoll somewhere and vibe the scene. 

I\’ll be taking this dress with me to NYC next week and because it\’s legit spring weather in the city, I\’ll be wearing it with a leather jacket and nothing makes me happier! Leather jacket weather is my favorite! Another reason I love this dress- it\’s not form fitting. It\’s a little looser, a little more towards the \’shift\’ look, and for me, that\’s key. Simple doesn\’t have to be boring, you see?! Did you catch the slit? Subtle sexiness is a nice touch!

How fantastic are these bubblegum pink iron gates? I mean, they were just calling for this dress to be part of the landscape. It coordinates perfectly and it\’s amazing! You can really get a feel for the whole vibe of the outfit and I have to tell you, I\’m digging it even more with the blonde. I\’m really missing the long extensions. What do you guys think? I\’m a long haired girl at heart so I can\’t tell you how excited I am to put them back in next week. It makes the growing out process less excruciating for me (#firstworldproblems)!

Let\’s wrap up this look by talking about ACCESSORIES! Hats are always a good idea (so says me, the self-proclaimed hat queen). Not only is it a fashionable statement that adds loads of character, but they are also a great option as a supplemental sun protector. 
I was on the hunt for a great spring hat. I knew I wanted something light-colored and diverse. I\’m always a little hesitant because light-colored hats tend to get a dirty a little faster, but they brighten up an outfit and are really playful. I found this one at Free People and I\’m obsessed with it (I actually wore it last night). I can wear it with just about anything! 
I live in these black studded booties. They practically walk on their own. It doesn\’t matter the season, my black booties are for any weather climate- whether it\’s 90 degrees or 30 degrees. They too, will be going with me on my NYC adventures. And like I mention time and time again, I love dresses with boots. The End. 

Are you guys hitting up any festivals this summer? Any performances you\’re looking forward to? 
Also, in more important news, do you want to see my long-haired extensions mane another appearance? 
In Style,