Hi Squeezers! I\’m back from our family vacation and ready to throw some more trend alerts your way. I\’ve taken my own advice and stepped a bit out of of my comfort zone for this look. Can you guess what I wore that you\’ve rarely ever seen me wear? It also happens to be tonight\’s trending topic. 
Wide Leg Pants. Yes ladies, I went wide. It\’s a bit of a stretch for me, believe it or not. The moment I had a taste of my first pair of skinny jeans, I never went back. Ever. It\’s been yeaaaaaaaars since I\’ve worn anything bootleg or wide leg and I haven\’t missed it, really. The trend comes and goes each season and each season I say, \”maybe I\’ll give it a whirl again,\” but then I don\’t. I think it\’s mostly because I don\’t wear a lot of high heels or high wedges and in order to really pull off length and dimension with a wide leg pant, you need height. You really can\’t sport these with flats or sneakers. It\’ll make you look dumpy, no matter your body type or weight. 

This season, however, I took a chance on the wide leg again. On a recent adventure to Forever 21 (because it\’s always an adventure when you go to F21), I unintentionally found these high-waisted jeans in their denim section. I initially grabbed them because they said \’high-waisted,\’ not realizing they were wide leg jeans until I got to the fitting room. I almost tossed them to the side, but a little perky voice inside me (or maybe it was the F21 fumes) said, \”girl, try them on!\” I\’m so glad I did. I was feeling them! I loved the fit, they made my butt look good, and they sat perfectly on my waist.

I paired it with a few other things I had grabbed, because I like to make sure I have plenty of options when I buy an item, and I knew I could pull it off. I stepped outside the box! Wide Leg pants also happen to be a BIG trend for spring, and such a great alternative for dressing up any outfit, especially a denim one.

You know who also makes my wide leg outfit look all sorts of amazing?! My photographer, Lauren (@laurelcreative). She caught every angle of these jeans, showing how they hang, how they hug my curves, and how they look front, back and center. Also, she manages to always catch me while my hair is blowing in the wind, ala JLo (thank you, Lauren!).

I\’ve actually combined two spring trends with this look- the wide leg jean and tropical prints. This tropical bomber also from Forever 21, is giving me Versace in the 90\’s vibe (at budget-friendly prices). It\’s the ideal jacket for spring\’s easy breezy weather. We have to talk about my \’Extra\’ t-shirt I also scored at Forever! It\’s what all the kids are saying these days and you know what, it\’s not such a bad thing to be a little bit \’extra\’ in your life! Give yourself a little extra oomph. 
Early in the post, I mentioned how I rarely wear high heels or wedges anymore, but I\’ve actually been sporting some more wedges and booties with heels in the last year, so that gave me the extra push I needed to get the pants. For this look, I wore my white booties, which I\’ve basically lived in since I got them and I\’ll continue to wear them through spring until I find a white wedge or slip on that takes my breath away. 
Let\’s not forget accessories! It\’s all about the straw purse for spring and summer, especially this round straw crossbody. I love that I can wear it as a cross body or remove the straps and hold it by the short handle, which is what I did with this look! I\’m pretty obsessed with the bag because you can wear it with just about anything in a spring or summer wardrobe, and for $17.90, it can\’t be beat. It\’s just as cute as my heart shaped sunnies, which by the way, get me TONS of compliment. 
What\’s not to love?! 

How do you feel about the wide leg trend for spring? Is it a do or a don\’t for you? I always want to know!

In Style,