Good Morning, Squeezers! Sending lots of love and gratitude your way, because if it weren\’t for your support and comments, I wouldn\’t be able to do this blog! So, a big THANK YOU!

Like I promised, I have a new spring trend alert for you and I\’m sure you saw this one for fall/winter, and now it\’s making an appearance for spring. It\’s the only time having a \’checkered past\’ is acceptable! Yes, I\’m talking checkered for spring and it\’s fantastic, versatile, and believe it or not, a great neutral for pairing!

Checkered is such an ode to 80\’s fashion and I can\’t get enough of it. Not sure if you remember the checkered pant suit I wore (the blazer was vintage and belonged to my mom), and I couldn\’t get enough of it. For spring, we\’re changing things up. The suit is too heavy for spring and it would be criminal and also deliriously hot for me to wear right now, so time to adjust!

I found this gorgeous skirt at H&M and we can\’t ignore the big bow detail that allows for a cinched waist and hip hugging curves! Normally I wouldn\’t wear a skirt like this because I would feel restricted, but it\’s actually so comfortable and I love how it hugs at all the right places and also masks a little bit of that leftover pregnancy belly that\’s been a challenge to lose.

I love that I could wear this skirt with everything from a graphic tee to a buttoned up blouse. In this case, I wanted a playful look. I paired it with this \’Merci\’ graphic tee from Forever 21 (only available in plus sizes at the moment. I linked it for you) and I love how the colors coordinate with the skirt. By the way, this tee is SO ultra soft. I may or may not have fallen asleep in it a few times. The great thing about this black and white checkered look is that you don\’t have to limit yourself to primary colors. Think outside the box! Pair it with a neon top, a tropical print blouse, floral off the shoulder. Your options are really endless! 

As always, don\’t forget to have fun with your look! Fashion isn\’t meant to be serious. It\’s meant to be fun, expressive, and ever-evolving, so if you want to wear those kiddie heart shaped glasses or pom pom earrings like I did, just go for it! It\’s a really festive way to show off your personality.

I threw on my fisherman\’s cap because you know I love me a good hat, as well as my pointy white boots also from Forever 21, which are still available! You might remember I wore these all through fall and winter and guess what? I will still be wearing them through summer and spring! A good tip to remember- with a fitted skirt like this, you want to avoid flats. Think tall and wear heels, not just to show off those long legs, but to also give you some height!

Merci and Au Revoir!

In Style,