One thing I miss terribly since moving back to South Florida is seasons. I miss that first cool breeze that hits your morning commute when you walk to work, or believe it or not, that frigid cold during the holidays that somehow still makes you smile, because well, it\’s Christmas. Let\’s not forget spring; an inviting seasonal visitor that still can\’t make up it\’s mind if it\’s warm or cold and has you going from a leather jacket to a jean jacket on any given day. I miss that.

I\’ve never been a fan of 365 days of summer, so when those few cool days hit Miami, I relish them and so does my wardrobe. The other day, I ran into one of the teacher\’s at Maya\’s school and I said, \’Hows it going?\’ His answer- \’It\’s okay. I\’m over this cold front.\’ Say what?!  It had only been one day. Ha!

For some reason, oddly enough, I can\’t stop buying sweaters. Why do I do this?! There\’s just something so cozy and warm about a nice sweater or a coat. Thankfully, between the cool Miami days and our trips to NY, I get use out of them and that makes me very happy!


If you live in a warm weather climate or the weather is iffy, do you ever get stuck on what to wear? Do you find yourself struggling on attire, especially when you wake up and it\’s 60 and by the afternoon it\’s 80 degrees? It happens to me a lot.

You can imagine how much I was sweating photographing some of the fall looks I\’ll be sporting this season, and this is one of those looks. Houndstooth is a big pattern for the fall/winter months and I love this pencil skirt because it\’s not something I would normally wear, in terms of cut. Lately, I\’ve been gravitating towards more form-fitting pieces; testing the waters post-baby body!

I wanted to make this look casual, something I can wear both for day time activities or dinner at night with Coco or with friends. Graphic tees are a fun way to express your personality and also add a little character to what could be a more \’tidy\’ look. I found this tee at Zara and it gave me a laugh. It\’s total \’mood.\’

Let\’ talk about the jacket because this is one of those pieces that can easily help transition an outfit! I\’ve already worn this look to dinner with friends, but unfortunately, it wasn\’t cool enough to wear the jacket, but I still brought it and wore it over my shoulders! It\’s such a cliché thing to do, but it\’s also a way to showcase great outerwear in warmer climates! I\’ve had this one from Bloomingdales since last fall and it\’s a favorite. With metallic being front and center this season, I can\’t go wrong pairing it with so many different looks!


I think the accessories are my favorite part about this look, particularly the snakeskin booties from Target! I\’m obsessed and I wear them with everything, and when it comes to mixing prints and patterns, these are golden. They also happen to be the perfect heel size. Did I mention comfortable?! I recently wore them to do a ton of walking in Europe and they didn\’t fail me.

Another favorite- the fisherman cap from Zara I found a few months ago. If you\’ve seen my photos lately, this cap makes plenty of appearances. I really like that it has volume on top, and it isn\’t flat. It makes a huge difference for me! Lastly, let\’s throw in another animal print- the leopard purse by Nasty Gal (also, notice the leopard earrings too)! It was part of Bloomingdales collaboration with the brand and I got it a few years ago and it\’s been one of those purchases that makes you feel like a smart shopper!

Can\’t forget the aviator specs! Momma loves these all year round!


In Style,