Most women really love to shop (there are some that don\’t); and, whether you\’re an influencer or not, repeating an outfit isn\’t always at the top of the list, especially in the age of social media. I\’ve heard it all from, \”I\’ve already been photographed in this look,\” to \”Ugh everybody saw this dress on Facebook.\” The bottom line is, once you wear an outfit, it goes to live on in the infinite world of Instagram and beyond. Many of us don\’t care about repeating outfits or reusing pieces, which can be a really creative way to change up your wardrobe, and to also save you a lot of money.

It doesn\’t matter if you\’re a blogger on a budget or have limitless funds, you\’re spending money on clothes one way or another, and it can definitely add up. So what do you do when you\’ve already worn the heck out of your closet six ways from Sunday and are thirsty for something new to feature but you don\’t want to break the bank?

I got two words for you: Clothes Swap.




There are two items from this look that weren\’t originally mine. One of them is borrowed from a pal\’s closet, the other was a \’fashion donation,\’ from another friend, that wasn\’t getting much use. One of my very best friends, Maureen, loves to shop as much as I do. When we lived in NYC, we would constantly borrow each other\’s clothes, and that would sometimes save us money (sometimes). I also have a thing for cleaning out closets, purging and organizing and would often do this for her. Now she\’s out in LA and I\’m here in Miami, and although we can\’t physically visit each other\’s closets, we do it via USPS! Here\’s how we do it. Momo will clean out her closet and set aside pieces she thinks I would like, and I do the same. We then ship a box of clothes, accessories, you name it, to one another and keep what we like and donate what we don\’t like!

In this case, Momo\’s fashion donations, became my fashion treasure. Can you guess which piece belonged to her? I\’ll tell you- the tulle skirt! I absolutely loved it because I knew I could wear it so many ways! First off, tulle isn\’t just limited to formal wear or evening wear. My favorite way to wear this tulle skirt is casually- yes, casually! I rocked it with a classic denim blouse and belted it with a double buckle belt. So chic! I\’ll wear this skirt over and over again with a graphic tes and a blazer, a sweater, a white tee and a leather jacket, and so much more. It\’s actually going with me on my European adventures this week! I\’m getting excited just thinking about it!



Can you guess the other item I borrowed? It\’s the animal print trench! I had no intention of wearing the trench with the look, but I was staying at my friend, Jodi\’s, house and while looking for an iron, I saw this in her closet and snatched it! I knew she wouldn\’t mind because posting it on my feed would make up for it (ha!). Animal print is that trend that never dies and comes alive every season in some shape or form, so why not outerwear?! Most of my newer animal print items are all outerwear and I love them. It\’s a quick and easy way to add a little dash of spice and fierceness to any look!

My obsession with socks and heels continues, and it started long before it was trending or Cardi B was rapping about it! These heels get me SO many compliments and you wouldn\’t guess where they\’re from?! They\’reChristian Siriano for Payless and they\’re fabulous (I linked the silver ones because the white are sold out). I quickly fell in love with the silhouette and the peep toe and the moment I tell people they\’re from Payless, they are shocked- and that\’s another reason I dig them (and Christian Siriano so much). I like the idea of luxury brands making affordable options and it being available for everyone to enjoy; because you can have all the money in the world, all the designer shoes known to man, but if you don\’t have style, well, that\’s just a wad of wasted cash.

You\’ve seen this hat plenty on my feed and you\’re going to keep seeing it for the rest of fall and winter because it\’s fresh, versatile, and it\’s got a little swag!

So next time you\’re itching for a new outfit or maybe two but you don\’t want to lay out the cash, hit up your BFF and challenge her to a closet cleaning and have her clothes swap with you, because at the end of the day that\’s what friends are for, right?!


In Style,