Tis\’ the holiday season! For me, that started the week right before Thanksgiving when we put up our tree and I irresponsibly spent a whole lot of money at TJ Maxx buying holiday decor. December 1st, though, for many, marks that official start of the holiday season- buying a Christmas tree, Michael Buble holiday music, putting out the menorah, and more importantly, getting that holiday wardrobe up to par!

Braving the mall madness to find a few outfits to have you covered for parties, dinners, and holiday shows is no easy task, but stocking up on some holiday essentials that you can mix and match,  will do you and your budget good!



One holiday staple that will surely never let you down is plaid. I love me some gorgeous holiday plaid! It\’s festive, merry, and bright (see what I did there!). This is one of my favorite Zara skirts at the moment and it retails for 69.90 and it\’s available now in stores. I love the colors and it pairs so well with everything from a graphic tee to a blouse. I\’ve worn this skirt three times already, and took it on the cruise and wore it with a striped black and white sweater. That\’s the other thing with a pattern like this- you can mix it with other prints and patterns like, yes, animal print, stripes, and even polka dots (that look will be coming soon).

And because this is South Florida and are cold days are few and far between, I like to opt for outerwear that I can throw on or take off. I absolutely adore this faux fur leopard bomber from Bloomingdales I scored in their pre-fall sale. It\’s a great statement piece to have in your closet because it\’s so bad ass and weather-appropriate for cooler temps!



I think this is the first time I\’ve photographed my new \’baby!\’ It\’s been a very long while since I\’ve been able to purchase a designer bag. I used to buy at least one or two designer hand bags a year in that  pre-kids era and when we were living the DINK (double income, no kids) lifestyle! Once I started freelancing and I popped out two beautiful (and expensive) children, designer bags weren\’t really my priority anymore, and I was totally fine with that! That didn\’t mean I didn\’t miss the urge to get one. Fast forward some years, I\’ve been blessed and lucky to have landed a great gig that allows me for that occasional splurge. In the case of this two-toned Prada crossbody, I didn\’t have to necessarily splurge! It was a gift from my BFF as a \’I\’m so proud of you, and your hustle\’ kind of token, and I wear it with pride because it reminds me that I\’m the true definition of a boss lady!

It\’s such a great bag; perfect for weekends and on the go. For a mom of two, cross body styles are my go to. They\’re convenient, comfortable, and easy. The over the shoulder is the least convenient and I haven\’t purchased an over the shoulder (unless it\’s the LV never full) in years. I love a cross body and this one is so roomy!



Accessories, accessories, accessories! We need to talk about them. We\’ve covered the Prada bag, and now it\’s time to move to hat, eyewear, and shoes! Berets are especially classic and so popular during the fall and winter months as  fashionable headwear. I think you can even get away with a beret in the fall by changing up the colors to maybe an ivory or a light camel; but, I really think that berets add a special touch during the holiday season. Something about a beret just calls for some hot chocolate by the warm fire (or a fake fireplace). It\’s such a chic way to dress up any holiday look. I love how it compliments this outfit!

I\’ve gotten so many compliments on my unique sunglasses! They\’re actually from a local brand called Ms Eyecon and this particular style is called the Cleo. They believe that a women\’s armor comes down to a good pair of shades, and when they look like this, I couldn\’t agree more. The brand was established as a \’shout it from the rooftop\’ platform for female collaboration and empowerment. How can you not support that?! Just yesterday alone, I had two women ask me where I got them. I love sharing details on whatever it is that I\’m wearing. The more people who shop (especially for the holidays) the merrier! These would definitely make a great holiday gift!

Let\’s talk about the shoes! I know many of you are a house divided on the whole \’shoes and socks\’ trend, but I love it. Mostly, because I like to be comfortable and because I was wearing shoes and socks before Cardi B was singing about \’Balenciaga with the socks.\’ Platform shoes, oxfords, and sneakers, have been everywhere the past few seasons. Stores like Zara, and Forever 21, and luxury brands like YSL and Louis Vuitton, have been at the forefront of this elevated shoe trend. While I can\’t necessarily splurge on the LV ones, Zara has an amazing selection of sneakers and platforms, if you\’re into this particular trend but don\’t want to break the bank. These studded flatform oxfords from Zara are a current favorite of mine. I wear them with skirts (as pictured), jeans, and even dresses! Mix it up a bit and dress outside the box!

Here\’s the takeaway from today\’s post. If you\’re stuck on what to wear this holiday season, don\’t fret. Bring out the plaid from your closet or pop into your favorite store and purchase a piece. Mix and match it with items you already own, and get creative! Plaid will never let you down this holiday season and it will surely make you the most festive person in the room!


In Style,