I have a confession to make. I don\’t always shop local. I know, I know. As a Miami based fashion aficionado, I should be out there supporting local shops. I\’ll tell you why I don\’t though. For a very long time, I felt that so many of the local boutiques were one in the same. They would sell the same merchandise, often overpriced, only to find the same piece (or almost identical) at your local Forever 21. There wasn\’t inventory that was really standing out to me, or wanting me to spend the extra dollars. I\’m not going to generalize and say that all local boutiques are carbon copies of one another, but they were lacking in diversity.

In comes Contemporary Connection. A few weeks ago, I received the loveliest of jumpsuits from this local boutique and fell in love! Here\’s some history you can appreciate, especially as independent and hard-working women. The boutique, which is still growing in size and merchandise, was founded by two best friends who were also growing bored with the lack of options in other boutiques, often feeling that they weren\’t catering to women of all body shapes and sizes, particularly Hispanic women.  Not all size smalls, mediums or larges are created equal and that was a driving force into their decision to do something about it. They took matters into their own hands and that\’s how Contemporary Connection was born!


Now I want to talk about this fabulous jumpsuit because a) the color is spectacular and b) it makes my boobs look absolutely insane! Any jumpsuit that can do that, is a favorite in my fashion book. They call it the Rubi Jumpsuit and it retails for $54! I have been very vocal about my obsession with marigold yellow or any variation of it. It really is a great color for any season, but it shines extra bright in the fall.

Initially I didn\’t notice one fun feature of the jumpsuit- the bell bottom flare! We are throwing it back to a 1970\’s silhouette that we are definitely seeing make a comeback this season. Another feature of this jumpsuit that I love is the belt! You can pretty much wear it on the side, back or on the front of the jumpsuit. It accentuates my waistline and hides a bit of that postpartum belly! And if you look closely, the jumpsuit it has minimalistic mini polka dot pattern!


It\’s time to talk about those accessories! How many of you love accessories as much as you love clothing? I know I do! I think in the past couple of years, I\’ve really stepped up my accessories game and I really see how they complete and compliment any outfit.

I love love love this black and white plaid handbag for the fall! I can wear it as a shoulder bag or even a cross body and it pairs so well with the yellow. I\’m big on detailing and this hand bag has a gold chain and clasp and lots of space. Don\’t be fooled by the size!


How many of you are on board with the sneaker trend?! Raise your hand! This girl right here and my first thought when it came to shoes when it came to this jumpsuit, wasn\’t a pair of heels, but some outrageous platform sneakers. Maybe it\’s not a first choice for some of you, but I love how it looks and I love that street style vibe you get when you combine something unexpected! I did wear the jumpsuit with some white heels over the weekend, but the sneakers are my jam!

Last but not least, the future is so bright you need the tightest shades! These are funky and not usually what I go for in shades. I have a round face so round glasses are really not complimenting. These Sasha Sunglasses are quirky and unexpected, and I\’m digging them!

I\’m really happy with my Contemporary Connection look- and even more delighted with how these photos really capture the fall mood I was going for, and that recognition goes to my photographer, Danielle Margherite. She\’s seriously brilliant and can bring any vision to life, no matter the season!


In style,