Happy 4th, everyone! Before I kick off my post, I do want to wish you all a safe and healthy holiday. I hope you are surrounded by those you love, those who bring you joy, and those who aren’t bigots, homophobes, racist, or basically anyone who voted for America’s current walk of shame. I’m not one to get into politics in my posts, but I feel like there’s a big elephant in the room with it being Independence Day and yet, there so many die-hard loving Americans who are experiencing a lack of freedom. From Roe v. Wade being overturned, to Affirmative Action being struck down by the Supreme Court to our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters being bullied by laws and bigots, I’m not sure America deserves a good’ ol birthday cake this year.

It makes me so sad for our current state of affairs, for the ten steps backwards we’re taking as a country, and how we’ve been forgotten the fundamental morals and values of kindness, love, and acceptance (which by the way, starts at home). Yet I remain hopeful- hopeful that so many, including myself, will continue to use their voice, talent, and money whether publicly or privately, to be the change we need in the world. I have faith in my girl, ‘Merica, and it is not lost on me, a daughter of exiles, that my parents left their country to come here to have a better life and to give me a better life and that’s the America I love. Those are the freedoms that we should ALL have and we will continue to stand for what’s right and what’s important- whether you’re a Congressman, a student, a friend, a parent, an ally or basically a decent human being. With that said, I’m moving on to some lightweight topics like….

FASHION! Yes, it’s time to shine and with this Zara dress, it’s the understatement of the century! The Zara sale is currently happening and if you want to try out this sequin trend, there are quite a few options if you click here! It’s all about sequin embellished tops, dresses, accessories- you name it! I didn’t need a special occasion to wear this sparkly summer number! It’s over the top and makes a statement and the way I see it, I could wear it to dinner (which I did) or to a cocktail bash (which I didn’t lol). Here’s the thing- you don’t have to save the sequin for holidays or festive occasions. Make sequins an everyday thing. Add a little joy and sparkle into your daily life, especially this year!

I wanted to dress down the dress just a bit, so I decided to wear it with some black booties. You of course, can wear it with heels sandals, and even some cute platforms! I love the sheer paneling on the dress. Sheer is also in this summer and its sexy and chic and I love how it pairs with the sequins. It also gives that flesh illusion which is very cool. Don’t be afraid to add a little flair to your outfits, because sequins, metallic, and shimmery fabrics are a year round thing.

Wasn’t the location to photograph this dress just perfect? I didn’t notice until now, but the metallic shine reflecting from the NYC skyline is just epic! I mean, look at the Freedom Tower just dazzle?! Inspo for sequin and shine is all around us so why not incorporate it in your summer wardrobe? You can start small by adding a shimmery cover up over your bathing suit like this one if you like the pant trend, or this one, if you like a dressier cover-up. Feel like you need to go smaller? Accessorize! I love these sequin earrings from New York and Company!

The point is- don’t be shy! Dust off those sparkles I know you have hanging in your closet, and take a page from the spring/summer runways and strut your shine this summer! Take them to the beach, a bbq, pool party, or a cocktail soiree- you’ll definitely be the best dressed at any event!

In Style,