There are some trend favorites that have made the transition from fall/winter to now spring/summer 2019. One of those trends is plaid and tartan. Why is this trend so loved? And why does it continue to be such a fan favorite?

I\’ll give you my reasons! It\’s because it is a very versatile option. Now, some of you might be reading this and saying, \’Really? Plaid is versatile? I don\’t think so,\’ but it is. I invite you to break it down with me. I think what makes a trend have a lasting stay or impression on the mainstream, is its ability to come across as not one thing. What do you mean by that? Well, something like plaid can take the form of many style personalities. The first two examples that come to mind is plaid that you saw heavily in the early 90\’s grunge scene, and then the way plaid and tartan were later reconfigured in the same era, maybe mid 90\’s, in cutesy suits ala Cher and Dionne on Clueless (1995 to be exact). So you see, same trend, but very different ways to style and wear.



Plaid can be pretty, preppy, and tailored, and it can also be edgy, rugged, and cool. It\’s all in the pieces and how you style them. Let\’s take my look for example! Clearly, I went the route of less polished plaid/tartan, and more of that grungy tartan. I also love love love to mix my plaid or tartan with other prints, like leopard. Yes, it can be sensory overload for some, but you can do something subtle like polka dots, or even stripes. If you\’re looking to go bold, add the animal print, and if you REALLY want to go big, throw in some neon or even mix different plaid/tartan patterns.

It\’s all about experimenting and what works for you! When my husband saw this outfit, his first reaction was, \”You\’re going to wear that together? It doesn\’t match.\” Then he saw it on me, and I added the faux leopard jacket over the leopard t-shirt, and surprisingly he said, \”Oh, I actually like that.\” I got the idea of wearing leopard on leopard from a mannequin at J.Crew while I was out pulling looks for a tv segment. I thought, \’Aha! I think that will look so chic with my tartan pants!\”



If the plaid/tartan trend is too much for you, you don\’t have to focus on the outfit. Why not try a scarf, or even a handbag to ease your way into the trend? A plaid skirt is a great starter piece and you can wear it with something classic and neutral like a blouse or a simple tee, even a sweater if the weather calls for it! You don\’t have to go head-to-toe plaid/tartan to try out this trend!

Okay, let\’s move on to accessories! I love me a good hat and I added a classic black hat to the mix. My chunky black framed glasses were a must for me- I like to play around with my shades! These are a little funky and they speak to me, but I know that aren\’t for everyone!

Let\’s talk shoes! I love a good oxford. Between the tartan/plaid and the oxfords, there\’s a little bit of that English vibe going on in these photos. I really like a nice slip on, only because I\’m lazy and they\’re easy to take off and put on. That\’s the truth, and these I like because they\’re patent and they have a nice size platform that makes them playful and cool. I can easily wear these with dresses as well.

What\’s your take on the tartan look? Are you on board with this trend? I want to hear! Leave your comments here or DM me!



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