Who\’s that knocking on your door?! Well, it\’s me, bringing you another mixed print look that\’s currently one of my very faves! This post was supposed to be up last week, but unfortunately, I got hit with a nasty bout of the flu and have been bed-ridden since Thursday afternoon. It\’s been horrendous. The few good things to come out of feeling like death- getting proper rest, losing a few pounds, and watching generous amount of Netflix and movies that doesn\’t involve Octonauts or The Grinch Movie. Ha!

So this week, before I head to NYC, I\’m going to try to give you a double dose of blogposts for your viewing and reading pleasure! But first….mixed prints!


I\’m rolling out a few 2019 trends in this look alone. First off, 2019 continues to be the year of mixed prints and patterns, so don\’t be afraid to experiment. Don\’t keep it just to polka dots with dots, or plaid with plaid, though those are some pretty sick looks to rock! Try mixing it all together- like polka dot with plaid, or florals and plaid, florals and dots, etc. You see where I\’m going here?

As a stand alone, polka dots are also well on their way to making a splash in spring 2019. Seems like fashionistas can\’t get enough of them, and they\’re classic! I found these amazing plaid pants at Bershka in Genoa, and they were the best 20 euros I spent! I love them! The electric blue just pops and they\’re so soft! Plaid isn\’t just for Christmas, guys! It goes beyond red and green patterns.


To wrap up this look, I finished it with a leopard handbag because why not add one more print into the \’mix\’ (see what I did there?!), and my favorite pair of oxford platforms because there\’s always a dash of English street style added to any of my plaid looks!