NEW YEAR, WHO DIS?! Hi guys! I\’m so happy to say, \’Happy New Year\’ to all of you! I said it on my last post, and I\’ll say it again- I hope that 2019 brings you a beautiful year of good health, fruitful accomplishments, and above all, an abundance of self-love and ass-kicking!

To 2019, I say, Hello Beautiful! I\’m ready for you (kind of). I\’m putting out only positive vibes out there and I\’m going to continue to grow,  work hard, and be the best me I can be not just for me, but for my family. That means being more present in the moment,  working harder and being more gentle with myself. I think sometimes we forget to do that. That\’s part of the reason why I don\’t make New Year\’s resolutions. In no way am I saying that New Year resolutions aren\’t effective. I know many people who are motivated by their resolutions and do well with sticking to them. I\’m just not big into making them. Not because I don\’t believe in them, but more because I think it\’s a lot of added pressure to put on yourself at the start of the new year. I\’m a firm believer that any day is a day to start anew, to make a resolution, to kickstart something you\’ve been wanting to do or to better oneself,  whether it\’s going to the gym, eating better, watching less tv, volunteering more, etc. You get my drift. I\’m always striving for ways to challenge myself, to push myself no matter how uncomfortable, and to be nicer to myself even when I don\’t get it right. Imagine putting all that on yourself on the first day of a new year? It\’s a lot.



When I think about goals or think about things I want to do at some point in 2019, I think about improving or upgrading on what I have. What do I mean by that? Well, things I\’ve already been doing but just focusing on them a little more or upping their frequency.  For example, going to the gym or exercising is now a part of my life (who knew?). By no means am I a gym rat, but my health is important to me, even more so because I\’m a mom and I got two little ones that need me. I can\’t deny that it feels good to get a workout in, and that I\’m doing something beneficial for myself. I think it also has a lot to do with all the doctors I\’m interviewing because of my work on the Health Channel. It\’s been an eye opener and I can\’t be naive to think that just because I\’m young or thin, I\’m immune to getting sick or that I can eat whatever I want. During the holidays, I skipped a few weeks at the gym and one of the first things I did once that all died down, was to slip on my sneakers and go for a walk. No pressures of resolutions, just making a choice to improve/maximize on something I was already doing. That also applies to incorporating healthier food choices (thanks Deliver Lean), like veggies, fruit, and lean protein. Though I have indulged in some cheese balls! Hey, I\’m human. I want to continue to look good, and feel good, not just in 2019, but hopefully for the years to come.



Add rest to that list as well. For a few years, this is something that I\’ve continuously been working on; taking the time to really rest; to not over pack my schedule, and just saying \’no can\’t do.\’ As media/influencer, I get invited to many events, and most I turn down. As Marie Kondo would say, If it doesn\’t spark joy, it\’s a hard no for me. Plus, if it takes away from time with my family or my sleep, it\’s probably a no too. In the last month, I\’ve noticed that one day out of the weekend, we have been home with absolutely no plans, which means lots of lounging around, watching Netflix, and reading. Who would have thunk?!

Lastly, another thing I definitely want to continue doing is posting more on the blog! I think now that the site has been revamped thanks to my dear friend and teckie, Ana (@ladyanatriana on Instagram), I\’ve been more keen and on posting. My goal is to post once a week (sometimes two, depending on the content). I was excited to share this look with you guys! I shot it with photographer, Danielle Margherite, in Wynwood and the reason I love it so much is because this flower bomb look is all from El Corte Ingles. Whenever I get the opportunity to travel abroad, I love to hit some of their local shops and department stores. I couldn\’t miss the chance to stop at El Corte Ingles, Spain\’s premier department store, and pick up a few looks, which you\’ll be seeing on the blog!

This floral dress is one of them. I don\’t know if you can tell, but it has tiny shoulder pads and call it nostalgia, but I love me some shoulder pads. I love the elevation and exaggeration, but I think I also love the fact that it reminds me of my mom and all her power suits and dresses with ombreras (shoulder pads in spanish). There\’s just something so elegant about them. Did you notice that I also used a floral belt to cinch the dress? It\’s definitely floral overload but somehow it works! With this new short hair, I feel like my looks are a little edgier, and pop a little more. There\’s almost a modernism to them.

Nothing makes more of a POP-y statement than a pair of white heels! I continue to swear by these Payless ones by Christian Siriano. Add some vampy lips, and whoa! a floral clutch, and we\’re ready to kick off 2019 in style- resolutions or no resolutions.


In Style,