It\’s officially spring!

And that means more florals, more bright hues, and more co- ord sets to rock the next few months! I\’ll never say no to florals, especially when they look like this bold set that I scored while in Valencia a few months ago. I get so many compliments each time I wear it, but the look of disappointment does suck for me when I let people know I actually got it at El Corte Ingles in Spain and not at one of their local favorite stores. Don\’t fret! You can find so many options at stores like Bloomingdales, Forever 21, Topshop, even your local boutique!

Let\’s go back to the topic of spring for a second, because it feels like South Florida has been experiencing some spring weather the last couple of days and it\’s been quite nice (even if it\’s just in the am).  One of the things I loved about living in New York, was getting to experience the full range of seasons and it was pretty awesome. People start popping their heads from the cocoon of winter coats and scarves. They\’re smiling more, enjoying the weather, sitting outside to have lunch, and there\’s a happy change in mood and surroundings. The tulips on the streets are blooming, and the naked winter trees start sprouting some green. Things came alive! People watching became more entertaining because wardrobe changed. Lots of color, pastels, florals, and fashionable light coats were  now appearing on street corners, bus stops, and on mannequins on store front windows (even the mannequins were happy). The city became a runway and it was a spring dream!

It feels so wonderful to have at least a little taste of that breezy spring weather here in Miami! And when it comes, you got to embrace it and get playful with your wardrobe! Hence, the floral co-ord set.



I\’m still kind of in disbelief how fiercely I\’ve embraced this athleisure trend.  I\’m kind of impressed with myself. You\’ll find me wearing these co-ord mostly with sneakers, but if I wanted to wear them with a pair of wedges or sandals, I could do that too. I find these sets so easy to wear, that I can throw them on for brunch, movies with my kids, or even dinner with my boo. Their versatility is what makes me a fan. That, and the fact that I can mix and match these pieces with other options in my closet. I\’m not limited to just wearing them together.

The moment I saw this set, the bold floral print, the soft material, the wide leg pant, and the black and white elastic bands on the sleeve and top, I was sold. I made a bee line for it! By the way, it\’s such a lightweight material, that I can continue wearing it in the summer, which in Miami, that\’s basically all the time. Ha!

Let\’s keep it real. Co-ord sets are a quick way to look fashionable without having to think about it too much, and STILL look good.

What do you guys think of the co-ord set? Are you a fan of the trend?


In Style,