You heard it right- sweater vests are trending. Time to in-vest in one!

Looks like some of our grandparents\’ wardrobe staples have made their way to the runways, and now the sweater vest is getting it\’s 15 minutes of fame this fall season. If you think that just because you live in a warm weather climate you can\’t rock the vest, I got good news for you. There are so many versatile ways you can wear a vest in whatever city you find yourself.

The most common way to sport this trend is with a white button down underneath a knitted vest, but you can also swap that out for a basic white tee, turtlenecks, or you can wear a la carte!

You also have the option of keeping it classic with a solid color vest or a fun print or pattern if you are feeling adventurous.

Another great option is wearing the oversized sweater with a pair of 90s inspired chunky loafers. It\’s street style meets prep school chic.

Have fun accessorizing this look with a fun fall hat, like my go-to fisherman cap or you can even do a felt fedora. A cute headband would elevate the prep factor in your sweater vest look too! Play with footwear. That\’s the ease of this trend. You can style with a fresh pair of sneakers, boots, loafers, and even clogs if you\’re pulling off a more retro vibe.

Here\’s another great thing about this trend- you can adapt it season to season- with a chunky scarf, a pair of corduroys, even under a teddy bear coat.

Can\’t wait to see how you style yours!

In Style,