Today marks one week I took a social media break and it feels like a lifetime- in a good way. Honestly, it has felt amazing! I haven\’t had to worry about posting, documenting, scrolling, or checking my Instagram incessantly. I actually delete the app when I go on my breaks and its funny how my fingers just unconsciously go to the spot where my app was at. Addicted much?!

I was feeling a bit depleted, overwhelmed, down in the dumps, and very anxious, and when I start feeling like that, I know it\’s time to shut it down. I have to work through anxious and dark thoughts and get myself moving so I don\’t fall into a vicious spiral. Disconnecting from social media, cutting out wine, and taking it easy are key to me feeling better and that\’s my goal.

Taking a social media break or a mental health break feels like a vacation and we all need that once in a while, even if our work revolves around social media. Today I\’m back on and I want to make it a point to disconnect once a month. I was doing that a while back but then stopped, and it\’s definitely something I am going to commit to. I realized too that even good stress is still stress and that can be triggering and overwhelming. On Monday and Tuesday, I actually stayed home, shut down Camp Mom, and did laundry and went to the market and that\’s it- and you know what? It felt freaking fantastic!

It was time to recharge! And whether it\’s five minutes or five days, if you need to just disconnect, do it. Your sanity will thank you!

Can we just chat a minute about the fact I\’m wearing red lipstick?!!! I was so pumped to wear color on my lips since the mask mandate was out the window for vaccinated folks, but now that we\’re back to masks, I\’ll just have to wait to sport color (or I can just wear it around the house lol). Either way, love me some bold lips!

The next few days we will be hitting high 90s and this outfit is going to be a lifesaver, because when the heat stroke feels like its coming, the kimono is going (if you understand my word play lol! )

In the meantime, stay hydrated, stay sane, and stay tropi-cool!

In Style,