Summer is in full swing, butI\’d be lying if I told you I\’m secretly (or not so secret anymore) planning out where to wear the remainder of these summer dresses I still have hanging in my closet because it feels like summer is almost over. It\’s definitely breezing by and so far, it\’s been awesome! Granted, the return of masks and this pesky variant aren\’t on any of my\’ Top Five\’ lists, but I\’m grateful to travel, to enjoy the beach, the outdoors, and time with my family and friends.

We\’ve road tripped, done beach and pool vacations in Florida, visited Savannah, Georgia, hit up Montauk for a little getaway, and in between squeezed in splash pads, outdoor dining, sleepovers, dinner parties, Netflix marathons, and so much more! I\’m looking forward to the rest of this summer fun.

Wait. I didn\’t mention the summer fashion!

One of the best parts of summer is getting to wear all the airy and cute dresses and shorts out there! Whether its a maxi dress or a midi dress, I\’m all about easy and cool pieces for the season. You\’ll often see me in high waisted shorts and tanks, jumpsuits are a fave, and the ultimate Kathy look- dresses and sneakers.

But sometimes, even in a pandemic, I show up with the flair. Dresses- but make them EXTRA and make them FASHION. I\’m all about fashion on a budget on my feed. It\’s about dressing in what makes you feel good, what looks good, and without breaking the bank. Yes, there are some more expensive pieces or accessories I\’ll throw in from time to time, but for the most part, my look is accessible and that\’s why I like it.

When the designer/fast fashion collabs come a knocking, I\’m usually all over them! Why should designer goods feel like something out of reach for many? It shouldn\’t be- atleast not all of it and I love that designers are waking up to that. This is why I am such a big fan of these collaborations. It gives women and men the opportunity to own something of a brand they love and/or admire, that they usually wouldn\’t be able to splurge on on the regular. It can be anything from a handbag to a coat; having that elusive designer good in your budget is such a joy!

Last month, Target launched another one of their fabulous designer collabs with a trio of designers, one of them being Christopher John Rodgers. Rodgers is known for his use of bold colors, voluminous tailoring (hello there, ruffles), and sharp silhouettes . The colors tell a story and feel like a bright awakening and as soon as I saw the look book, I knew I had to have some of his pieces! This gorgeous tennis ball green skirt with pops of red and kelly green was an instant obsession. I zeroed in on this dress right away because it just screamed \’KATHY!\’ It felt happy and vibrant and well, all that volume was just icing on the cake, and yes, I already have somewhere I am going to wear it too soon!

You could say I stood out on the block as I was shooting this, and I was all here for it. We\’ve lived in sweats and loungewear long enough and now its time to dress things up! I paired it with some other designer collab accessories. Both the headband and the translucent red statement earrings are from the Simone Rocha x H&M collection. I went over the top with accessories. I threw that rule, \’less is more\’ out the window and decided to go big. Mixing prints is another favorite thing of mine to do, so the leopard Shein clutch was the perfect addition to go with the floral, same goes for the pillowy black heels!

I know so many of you ladies purchased from the Target designer collab and I\’m just waiting to see how you\’re going to style your pieces! But don\’t wait for a special occasion, because everyday is a reason to dress up!

In Style,