Well, the weather outside is……pretty much the same if you live in South Florida, but, if you live elsewhere in the country, you’re probably experiencing some variation of fall and/or winter. The good news though, you can pull out that winter white and start rocking those looks festively! Let’s be real- we’re all just eager to get into holiday mode a lot quicker this year. Even some grinches are bursting with holiday cheer, which speaks volumes to the state of our world.

Let’s have a little fun with fashion and check out different ways to wear winter white this season. I know winter white can seem a little overwhelming and I think the go-to is cream sweater and pants, which is still a fantastic and classic look. You can never go wrong with a supple cream sweater and some fab trousers, but it doesn’t mean you are limited to that, especially if you live in warmer climates.

Because I’m in South Florida and I’d probably have a heat stroke if I wore said sweater and trousers, I opted for a winter white blazer dress, which is the perfect response if you’re in a warmer climate. I love the black belt buckles and decided I would add some more edgy accessories by pairing it with chunky platforms, a mini purse and some flat top sunnies for fierceness. It’s sexy and it’s confident and I love how a dress like this can also take a feminine approach by pairing it with some statement stilettos.

Another option if you live in a colder state, pairing it with a either a cream turtleneck or a black turtleneck if you’re looking for a a classic look, and you can even add a pair of black tights. That’s the beauty of winter white- you can mix and match with so many ready to wear pieces and even different shades of the same color wheel.

You just saw how easy it was to experiment with this trend with a dress. You can even do culottes with a blouse, or a winter white slip dress or even pajamas if you’re feeling bold! We obviously know that 2020 doesn’t have any rules so let’s break some when it comes to our wardrobe too! Incorporate that winter white in your wardrobe and don’t let the weather put a damper on all the gorgeous possibilities. We’re all going to need some looks for our civid-friendly holiday celebrations, even if it’s just for our own living room!

In Style,