I feel like we’ve lived a whole other life since we went into lockdown in March and the world keeps on changing. Same goes for our clothes! Let me ask you. Was there a specific item of clothing or outfit that you bought right before this dumpster fire happened that you had big plans for?

I did. It was these faux leather pants I scored at Zara in February. I had big plans for them. The weather was still bearable in South Florida so I could get away with wearing them in the evening. I was about to have my tummy tuck so I was going to shimmy in these babies, and I had two winter/spring trips planned to New York and these were undoubtedly going to be hitting the streets with me.

Well, that was a big just kidding! Instead, they’ve been hanging in my closet patiently waiting to make their debut when its safe to come out again. At least they made an appearance on the blog with this look we shot in the MiMo district a few weeks before lockdown. I found these pair at the Zara in Downtown Disney. I actually love that Zara location! While they no longer have the pants, heres a link to the faux leather leggings they are currently carrying. I recommend stocking up on a pair for fall, since they are trending for the coming season. Praise be!

They might have seen like a frivolous purchase when this all happened, but now they’ll come to life bigger and better. That’s the beauty of leather or faux leather pants- you can wear them with just about anything and keep them casual or dress them up!

Fall 2020/Winter 2021 is no different. If you’re feeling bold, give your leather some color in shades of bold burgundy, olive treen, and even tan.If you want to go even bigger, do an exotic print like snakeskin. Even opt for a different silhouette if skinny isn’t your style. We’re seeing culottes, flare, even faux leather bermuda shorts.

I offset my tailored skinny faux leather pants with an off shoulder tie dye scrunchy blouse- a birthday present from my bestie. I love how frilly and feminine the blouse is, and how it still goes perfectly with the pants. I accessorized with my favorite Goorin Bros blush pink hat, and layered necklaces. You guys know me, and my animal prints! I had to incorporate it somehow and we did just that with the snakeskin purse from shein for only $12!

Other ways to rock these pants? Think a basic tee or graphic with a blazer, an oversized blouse, chunky sweater, or a floral print kimono just to name a few options.

Bottom line- get your faux leather this season! We don’t need a reason to dress up!

In Style,