Call it romanticism, call it sheer elegance, call it glamourous. I like to call the organza trend of 2019 (and we will still be seeing it in early 2020), absolutely fabulous! Everywhere you looked, shopped, browsed, there it was- some sort of organza piece begging to be worn and flaunted! I heard you calling, girl, and I came, saw, and bought. Probably one too many!

We saw it on several runways from Milan to New York, from Balmain to Armani, and for the masses who wanted to indulge in this feminine and voluminous craze- there were many options in fast fashion that delivered the organza trend wrapped in a bow- literally. I know, I know. Some of these organza tops, pants and even skirts have a see-through effect that can be intimidating to wear because now you have to think about what to wear underneath the top or the skirt. I get it. I don’t like being overwhelmed when it comes to clothes and sometimes, that’s what deters me from these see through trends, but we will figure it out together, because if I can master it and rock it, so can you!

I like my organza big and bold and if it has a bow, even better! I had seen several organza blouses I loved at Zara, but I couldn’t justify spending 50, 60, 70 dollars on a blouse that I would wear a handful of times, and as I mentioned earlier, I had already bought three other ones at Zara (one I returned), and here I was looking at this gorgeous green blouse that clearly had my name written all over it, but unfortunately it wasn’t in my budget in that moment. Then Shein came to the rescue and guess what I found for WAY less? I found THAT green organza blouse with the bow!

If you notice, the top is a little sheer, and if it’s your first time buying into the organza trend, I suggest getting a piece that’s a darker tone and a little more opaque. For example, an all white or cream organza blouse would totally overwhelm me, so that’s why this green was the perfect balance of sheer without being too transparent. A good way to layer it is with either a thin strapped tank or bodysuit, or a bralette. I opted for the bodysuit and took it a step further by making it animal print! I’m sporting a snakeskin bodysuit also from Shein! It’s a good staple to have (think pairing it with a blazer too). Plus, it’s $6.

The bow adds an elevated sophistication and detail that makes the blouse the focus of the whole look, so let’s not take any attention away from it by adding other loud pieces. That’s the beauty of a statement piece like this blouse. You can wear it with jeans, you can wear it with white pants, or you can even wear it with black pants and it will be anything but basic. I went with high-waisted black skinny pants with gold button detailing and I love how it looks! By the way, you are looking at my Christmas Eve outfit right now. I’ll be the best dressed girl in the living room!

Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I like to be just a litttttttttttle bit loud and I like to playful with my looks, because at the end of the day, fashion is all about having fun and taking risks because why not? I am OBSESSED with these snakeskin buckle booties also from, you guessed it, Shein. For $31, you cannot beat it! If you purchase these boots, they are really comfortable but I do advise wearing them with longer socks because the top of the boot can scratch your skin if you’re doing a lot of walking in them. Notice my snakeskin bodysuit and boots coordinate! Why stop there? let’s throw in some leopard into this jam! The purse can worn as a clutch or as a cross body or on the shoulder. It brings a gold chain you can add and remove.

Last but not least, my rhinestone barrettes! I packed these up for the trip too and i’ll also be wearing them with the outfit. They come in a pack of three at Zara. They are available at stores but no longer online. Spruce up any holiday outfit with these babies and you are ready to greet the new year in style! Between the organza and barrettes, you are an unstoppable force of fashion!

In Style,