We came. We saw. We baseled, as the kids say. Only I didn’t basel hard. Nope, not at all. I kept it minimal by attending 3-4 events that I wanted to really go to, and that was good enough for me. I escaped on Saturday for a couple of hours to check out the Art Miami tent, and once I did that, I was good, I got my fill. I rather be home with my kids watching holiday movies and drinking wine, because hello, Tis the Season!

Here’s a tip. Many of the exhibits showcased in the galleries around town will still be there after today. That includes all the new murals as well. So that means, instead of doing it with the masses during one of Miami’s sceniest and busiest weeks, wait when it’s calmer and quieter and take in some of the cool happenings that will still be around without getting pushed around by fake art critics and instagram models. Ha!

Living in Midtown, I’m in close proximity to Wynwood, so I’ve been watching a lot of the artists work on new murals, and I’m eager to check them out. I mean, even the gas station has some cool street art to show off! When it was time to bring out this teal boxy suit, I knew I wanted a gritty but edgy backdrop to stand alongside with it.

I am living for the boxy suit. Give it to me in any color, pattern or fabric, because I just love how chic and sleek I look wearing them! Boxier suits were a big trend in 2019, and I have a feeling we are still going to be seeing them for the first quarter of 2020. It’s all ‘go big or go home’ with this 80’s inspired suit trend. It commands attention, its symbolic of power, and it’s definitely a more pronounced silhouette that exudes a playful confidence not to be mistaken with being a basic, boring suit.

I mentioned color. This is the time to extend beyond black and grey. Add a pop of color to your boxy suit! I’ve seen everything from teal (like the Zara suit I’m wearing in these photos), to bubblegum pink, bright blue, mustard, and even patterns like tartan, gingham, and houndstooth. Get creative! I paired mine with a leopard cami underneath, but you can play around with other options like graphic tees, a victorian style blouse, even a turtleneck for fall/winter. What’s great about a suit is that you can wear the pieces solo. I wore this blazer with a graphic tee and a pair of jeans and the blazer just popped! I could also do the pants with a blouse, a sweater, or even a basic white tee.

Let’s get to the fun part- shoes and accessories. Okay, here’s another pro to the boxy suit trend as we are seeing in 2019/2020. Stash the heels and bring out the sneakers! Yes, I said it! Of course, heels are always a go. I did an open toe metallic heel because I like how it combines with the teal; but, you don’t have to do that! Go for a pair of nice kicks. I think theres this misconception that because you’re wearing a suit, it has be to formal or stuffy and only proper ‘office’ shoes will do, and that’s not the case! Sneakers can make the suits more approachable, casual, and gives it a bit of attitude.

Accessorize to your liking! I love the clear envelope bag. It’s a pretty neutral handbag that can be worn with just about anything! I love my Frida earrings from Shine Design Shop in Wynwood. They have so many great pieces! Lastly, a couple of pearl barrettes to add a feminine touch and voila, I just made the boxy suit trend my own!

Side note. Wouldn’t this have made a great outfit for Art Basel!?

In Style,