When I was brainstorming this post, I intended to write about all the sheer trends I’ve been seeing lately at the stores and online; but, as I sit to catch up and finally write this post and get it out to you, it hit me. Why not focus on a bigger fall trend? One that shows no slowing down and you can sport it in both accessories and in ready to wear! i’m talking about pearls, pearls, baby!

Pearls have long symbolized social status. A woman in pearls, is a woman with a certain level of class and elitism. Pearls represent glamour, luxury, and a ladylike air. They’re sophisticated and classy. They’re fine and unique, and they never go out of style. I’m sure most of us have our grandmother’s pearls or maybe our mom’s special pearl earrings put away for a nice occasion, but pearls don’t have to be stuffy.

I’ll show you.

Pearls have exploded on the fashion scene and they’re making their way on everything from accessories to clothes and I’m all here for it! I love that we’re seeing pearls in the most feminine of pieces but also in more rough and tough pieces and that’s what makes them fun! Case in point- this outfit!

I’m showing you two easy ways to wear pearls this season! If you are eaaaaaaasing into the trend, I suggest trying it out on an accessory. Why not a headband?! Yes, I’m talking about the Blair Waldorf inspired look from the hit show, Gossip Girl. Most recently, we also saw the padded headband on the Prada runway show and they have taken off!

I found this pearl headband on Shein for $3! With these sort of trend pieces, it’s best not to spend a whole lot of money, unless you plan on wearing them again and again! I found a few designs that I liked on the site and got those as well and they are the cutest and easily dress up any outfit! I love that I can wear it with my hair straight, wavy, or my favorite, dirty and pulled back! The padded headband makes it a royal do, literally. Ha!

Beyond the headband, we took the pearls out for a spin on these paper bag jeans! The moment I saw these at Forever 21 (this style is no longer in stock, but others are), I knew I had to have them! I love this style so much and the pearls were an extra special touch. I get so many compliments on these! I love wearing them with booties and combat boots and also really chic feminine sandals, like these from Betsey Johnson!

The pearls themselves are all the accessories you need, so theres no reason to have to overdo it with anything else. In this case, I made the headband and the jeans the staple of the outfit and I’ve worn a variation of this look with edgier pieces and softer pieces as well!

Now with the holidays approaching, you better believe that pearl statements will be showcased in my outfits so stay tuned for more!

In Style,