Let’s be real- if you’re busting out the neon in your wardrobe, it’s not because you want to blend in; on the contrary, it’s a fashion cry to stand out. The beauty of neon is that it is absolutely wearable and meant to be bold and be front and center Yes, it can be a little intimidating, all the bright highlighter colors in your face, but the trick is to ease into it one piece at a time.

Maybe focus on a neon turtleneck, or even a neon blazer to wear with more toned down pieces like denim and a black or white tee. Another great option to wear this fall? A neon skirt like mine from H&M. I scored this one last month, and while it’s not available online, you can still find it at some stores. I love it even more because it’s velvet, which is a key texture for the fall season, so it made the transition from summer neons to fall neons fairly easy!

There’s no better place to test out this trend than the streets of NY, where fall was rearing it’s splendid head in the evenings on my last visit. I took this fall skirt out for a spin, and paired it with a simple black ruffled cami, also from H&M. It’s such a lush fabric and vibrant color and can be worn so many ways! For example, I opted for my Reebok classics for a more downtown city girl vibe. You can also wear it with booties, heels, and so much more! I’m already thinking that my next outfit with this skirt will be a classic black turtleneck with snakeskin print booties! Yass!

You might be reading this and thinking, ‘Yeah not sure if I can pull off neon in the winter.’ I’m here to tell you that you totally can! Think about your winter wardrobe. Not even so much fall, because I think it’s pretty easy to incorporate neon in the fall; but, in the winter when our wardrobe tends to get a little darker and gloomier just like the weather, a pop of neon can brighten up any mood and any outfit and it can become a statement piece. It can be a pair of tassel neon earrings or maybe a 90s graphic tee to wear with a houndstooth suit or blazer. There are way to subtly (yes, subtly!) mix in some of those fall neons into your look…and guess what? You’ll be a bad ass while you do it!

Let’s talk accessories! I specifically want to focus on the turban. I’m a girl that loves hats and headpieces. My friends jokingly call me ‘Kat in the Hat,’ and I find it pretty funny. I love headbands, clips, hats, you name it. One thing, though, that I haven’t quite decided on are turbans. I’ve worn them here and there throughout the years but never have stuck with them because after seeing pictures, I feel like I look a little silly in them, but I decided to give them another shot after friends encouraged me that they actually looked good on me. I don’t know. This photo shoot (and outing because I wore it to run errands and meet friends) was my latest attempt and I’m open to your thoughts. For me, the key is to keep it playful and simple. I thought this look would be perfect to showcase this turban from Shein which by the way, cost me a whopping $3! If you’re going to try out a trend you are still on the fence about, don’t break the bank.

Before we wrap up this fall neon post, I have to give a quick shout out to the arm candy! For those of you that have personally known me for years and years, the arm candy was a ‘very Kathy’ trademark in the mid 2000s to early 2010’s- yes, that long! I always had a wrist chock full of bracelets and there was a story behind each of them. When I moved back to Miami, I retired the arm candy because I was a little over them, but in the last few months or so, I thought, eh, why not bring them out of retirement? I’ve been sporting them here and there and I found a great shop called Jules by Tiffany (@julesbytiffany) and a tween entrepreneur that goes by Boho girl bracelets (@bohogirlbracelets) and together we’re making arm candy magic! Check them out on Instagram.

What I really want to know is if I’ve inspired you to test the waters and try out some fall neons this season! What do you think? I want to hear your feedback and see pictures of your outfit! Remember, baby steps. Introduce one neon piece to your wardrobe and take it from there.

In Style,