I have a thing for rooftops.

This one is at my BFF and his partner’s apartment in Harlem and it’s such a nice retreat. Since we no longer have our NYC place, which by the way, boasted an amazing roof deck where I would frequent for tanning and afternoon get together with friends, I love staying with them whenever I’m back in town! With the the weather being so nice on our last visit, I had to take advantage of the scenic spot with awesome city views!

This wasn’t just a lewk I put together for the sake of instagram. Nope! This is what I actually wore to spend the day in the city, running errands, meeting old colleagues, and going to happy hour. Every outfit you see on my blog or my gram, I wear or have worn. Nothing is put together for the sake of Instagram. Aint nobody got time for that! I think it’s important to show the real you- from the inside out. When I was in the city, a fellow writer commented on one of my stories, that she absolutely loves how my NY wardrobe is so different than my Miami wardrobe, and I hadn’t really noticed until she pointed it out!

There’s definitely more palm print in the Miami wardrobe bc it’s eternally summer, but my city look is always incorporated in my looks because that’s just me. Now that fall has hit NY, expect lots more sweater and skirt combos, leather jackets, and tights! Give me all the tights! They are one of my favorite things! Let’s not forget the animal print as we clearly see here! It’s good for all seasons.

I scored this fun leopard skirt on the Shein site for $15! Have you guys checked out Shein?! I’m pretty obsessed with it and you’ll be too considering all these trend pieces are SO cheap it’s ridiculous. Like this velvet pear headband. Would you believe me if I told you it was three bucks?! Ive linked it. You’re welcome! I love pairing a print skirt with a graphic tee. It’s such a great go-to outfit that you can play around with and give it some personality. I paired mine with this David Bowie muscle tee I found on Rent the Runway. Only I didn’t expect it to be a windy day in the city and I was flashing everyone my pikachu! Ha!

You need some good, comfortable shoes for all that walking around! I literally walked on and off for about 10 hours if not more and could have walked endlessly in these REEBOK that feel like you’re walking on air!

One last thought. What are your thoughts on the mini purse? Cute? Impractical? Basic? Ridiculous? I still can’t decide. I’m constantly laughing at the idea of it, and yet, I’ve worn mine out a couple of times. lol. I’m still on the fence.

You know what I am excited about?! NY in the fall! The kids and I booked our tickets and we’re off in two weeks to see family, go out east, and check out the foliage. Lots to look forward to. This skirt is coming with, only I’ll be wearing it with a sweater and tights! Cant. Hardly. Wait.

In Style,