How many of you would trust your husbands or significant others to shop for you? Coco and I have been together for 17 years, and we’ve had our fair share of questionable gifts, left field gifts, inappropriate gifts, and downright tacky gifts (mostly from him end). I do have to say though, the longer we’re together, the better he gets. I think he finally gets that when I say, “I really want that,” it means, “I really want that.” It only took 17 years! I think the more straightforward the request, the more complicated it is for them! I do have to give him credit for trying because when we do decide to do gifts (we don’t always do gifts, btw. We do cards, experiences, or dinner), he really puts a lot of thought into it, so I have to give him that (because if he didn’t, there would be an unhappy wife to deal with)!

A few months back, we celebrated our twelfth anniversary and I had been dropping hints that I wanted him to pick out something for me, maybe something for me to wear to lunch or dinner, you know, to celebrate that we haven’t killed each there in twelve years. So when it came down to exchanging cards, I had gotten him a nice stash of nespresso pods because that’s what he loves. Now, it was my turn to open up my gift and guess what? Nada! I mean, it couldn’t have been more clear or direct. I was pretty pissed. He felt like crap and my death stares were enough to send him running to the mall, but instead, I was feeling sane so instead of getting all Cuban crazy, I expressed my disappointment and moved on.

And then, something happened.

We went away by ourselves to Naples for a staycation article I was writing, and I was so looking forward to a weekend of laying by the beach and doing absolutely nothing. My only request was to bike ride around the neighborhood. As we were driving there after work, he said to me, “I have an idea. Why don’t we explore the neighborhood and maybe theres a nice outfit I can get you or you can pick something out.” Ding ding ding! That’s EXACTLY what I wanted.

The next day we went out for a bike ride and we had so much fun! We stopped for some wine and appetizers and then we popped into Nordstrom right by the resort and did some shopping! As tempted as I was to pick something out myself, I said to Coco, “Pick out some things for me that you like and I’ll try them on.”

He picked out a few things and I LOVED this dress that he picked out from the Madewel brandl. He was so happy with his picks and I was happy that he actually picked out something I was eyeing, plus it was on sale! He said he loved the yellow with the white flowers, and he was on the money because this marigold yellow hue is EVERYTHING! It’s bright, it’s happy, and it’s bold. The white and black flowers really pop against the yellow and I added some black colored accessories to bring out some of that dark detailing!

I love giving ladylike dresses an edgy looks with the right shoe and accessories! My go-to moto ankle boots never let me down; I love wearing them with dresses! Now as fall slowly but surely creeps up on us, I bring out my black fisherman cap to wear with a lot of my looks. The next time I wear this dress, I’m going to add a black studded belt. I think it will look really cute with the boots! The layered choker necklaces, the star motif earrings, and the clear handbag also adds a little sass to this dainty dress.

If rock n roll vibes aren’t your thing, you can definitely wear this dress with a pair of heels, some sweet sandals, even a pair of sneakers (like I have)! The point is to have fun with it and add your own personal touches to the look!

I think Coco really liked the peek a boo slit too! I’m just sayin’. All in all, my boo did good! He definitely aced this edition of ‘styled by coco.’ I think he’s feeling so ambitious and proud, he’s already on board for the holidays! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next (and how many times I have to drop the hint)! Ha!

What do you say- will you be brave and let your other half do your styling?! I want to know!

In Style,