Do you ever wonder why sometimes things don’t happen when you want them to happen, but when they do, you think to yourself, ‘okay, I get it now?’ Throughout life, I am sure we’ve all encountered moments where we pray and pray and pray for something we want, hoping it comes to fruition, only the complete opposite happens and we’re left utterly disappointed, probably questioning if theres anyone out there listening to our special requests. Then time passes. Life happens and we slowly (hopefully) come to see that what we want is not always what we need.

Ask yourself, how many times has that happened to you? It’s happened to me plenty, and it’s only when some months, years, and most times, a lot of years have passed that I realize that those things I wanted, that I prayed for, weren’t what I actually needed in my life. Life has a funny way of working out in ways we don’t expect. I look back at so many moments in my life and I think, ‘Oh God. I remember that. Good thing that didn’t happen.’ Why you ask? Because it would have probably meant me missing out on something that was meant to encourage growth, and evolving as a human, and it probably wasn’t clear to me at the moment and not what I initially wanted.

It was this moment right here, as I was taking photos with Danielle, that got my mind churning. How cool that we captured the train, at that precise moment, while we were out? While this was just the train, it got me thinking about the bigger things in life – those things that keep us up at night, wondering why they haven’t happened, or when they’re actually going to happen, because well, you know, timing is everything and God always has a plan, even if it’s not clear at the moment.

I’ve been wanting a lavender suit for some time and I FINALLY found one, well, half of one. The pants were actually a birthday gift from my BFF, Javy. They’re from Zara and I got them early last year but never found a blazer to go with it. Then voila! A few months ago while I was at Macys, I found this INC gem on sale and after those awesome Macys coupons, I got it for $13! Steal!

I paired it with a graphic tee and, these great silver heels I scored at Marshalls for $14 and my vintage Christian Dior saddlebag, a gift from my grandparents in the early 2000s! Look what’s made it’s way back around?! See timing is is everything, even in fashion! Ha!

Can’t wrap this post off without giving some love to my ‘New York’ barrette. I found this on amazon and I love it, because I can always carry a piece of the city with me!

In Style,