I bet this scenario sounds very familiar- you pop in to Target to pick up a few things like toothpaste, paper towels, maybe even some dog food. You swore to yourself up and down that you would stick to that list. You even gave yourself a pep talk in front of the mirror, “I will not let you take advantage of me, Target. I got this.” You felt confident, defiant, and focused. Then, you walk in. Your first obstacle- the dollar section. Oh look, baby succulents! Stay strong, Kathy. But I NEED these, right? Oh, here are some $1 socks the kids will love, and why not some of these magic coloring play packs for road trips, and the cutest beach toys. Of course, I need it! But that’s it, I won’t be suckered into anything else.

Or so I think. One drive by the Opalhouse section and I’m walking out with a brand new living room. Pillows, side tables, vases, frames, poufs, apparently these accessories are far more crucial than the toothpaste I needed to get. I haven’t even gotten to the rest of the store and already my cart is full. Major fail. Don’t even get me started on bathing suits or clothing! Between Who What Wear, Wild Fable, and A New Day, I seem to always walk out with a new outfit.

Like this one.

I went to Target and bought exactly what I needed, said no person ever. Toothpaste and paper towels, turned into 300 dollars plus of really cute unnecessary things, including this go-to summer outfit, which hello, is very season-appropriate and chic, so you see why I had to have it, right?!

I love me a nice fitting, floral print jumpsuit, and this one from Wild Fable, is adorable and ideal for this hot summer weather! If I wanted to, I could even add a white or black tank or tee, underneath it, giving it a bit of that 90’s grunge vibe, but I opted for something a little more ladylike and sweet! It’s actually on sale for $25 and I’ve already worn it three times!

You can also pair it with sandals, wedges, flats, booties, or even a sneaker, and dress it up or down however you like!

Another reason I love to hate Target- their accessories! They happen to have some great straw hats for the summer. As usual, I wasn’t in the market for a new hat, but as I whisked to the fitting room to try on the floral jumpsuit, I spotted out of the corner of my eye (because that’s what Target suckers do), this amazing not-so-floppy floppy hat by A New Day. Clearly it was meant to me because look how fab it looks with the jumpsuit! I absolutely love it and I’ve worn it practically every weekend in some capacity.

The palm leaf acrylic earrings and handbags, although not Target, really complimented the outfit and they were a steal! They’re not available anymore, unfortunately, at Forever 21, but there are other styles that are similar! I love a big straw bag like this for the summer because it can go with any summer outfit and I can wear it as easily to poolside brunch or even dinner!

I threw on my cork heels, and voila! I’m ready to take on the summer, or in this case, a beautiful afternoon at Jungle Island. I fit right in, don’t I?! Shameless plug. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Jungle Island, do it! In the summer time, there are water fun activities for the whole family and the kids will love you for it! It’s also a great spot for pictures and to see some really beautiful animals and exhibits!

Well, that does it for me! I guess the moral of the story is, you’ll never be able to outsmart the Target Trap. If you have, well, you must be a magical force and you must teach all of us the ways!

In Style,