Here’s a sure fire way to get noticed anywhere you go- dress in some form of neon and you’ll definitely make a statement. Now, for those of you who are still on the fence about one of THE biggest trends for 2019, I’m here to hold your hand and show you how you can partake without looking like a highlighter. Also, on that note, there’s nothing wrong with taking this trend to blinding heights and wearing it from head to toe- go bright or go home!

We saw designers like Jeremy Scott, Christian Siriano, Versace, and even the more classic Armani, douse the runway in electric shades, and these colors aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They creeped their way from fall to spring and now summer is ready to unleash the neon!

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in the 80s and enjoy some 80s fashion, then neon was definitely a staple in your closet. It definitely was in mine! From biker shorts to accessories, I definitely spoke neon fluently, so it’s no surprise I’m really into this trend right now!

I’ve worn this trend six ways to Sunday- from dresses to shorts, even a neon pink denim jacket, but this sweater right here, is one of my favorite pieces right now. Mainly, because I’ve worn it as loungewear, to go to dinner, even brunch, and I’m about to take it to my LA trip next week! It’s beyond cozy, it’s soft, and bright, duh. I’m loving neon yellow and I actually found this one on sale at Zara, so a smart buy for the reason!

Neons are easy to dress, believe it or not. Don’t get put off by the color. If you’re easing into this trend, focus on accessories first- think earrings, or even a sleek neon pump or heel to add a pop of color to any look! If you’re feeling bold and brave and want to take the next step, do an article of clothing, like this look right here! Pick a sweater, a blazer, or maybe a tee to wear with your jeans or a white pant or shorts. I know some of you out there are thinking BIG, like highlighter BIG, so take the electric plunge and try a dress, a pantsuit, or even a bathing suit for the summer! Expect to make eyes pop!

For this look, I was going for something a little cool with an athleisure vibe, and as I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty easy to combine. I, sure enough, went straight for another 80s trend, the biker shorts! Not just any biker shorts, leopard print biker shorts and it seriously screams, ‘look at me!’ That’s the beauty of neon, you can mix it with prints, with patterns, with other neon colors. I love how this sweater pairs with the leopard. I scored these at Forever 21. I’m also thinking of wearing it with this new polka dot skirt I just scored at Target. The options are endless!

Let’s talk footwear because the 80s obsession doesn’t stop at the outfit- it extends to the shoes too and the fanny pack! Yasss queen, I love me a good fanny that leaves me hands free! You can’t get anymore 80s than a pair of old school Reebok classics, which also happens to be the most comfortable sneaker. While this look can be deemed ‘sporty,’ it’s also cute enough to wear beyond a gym visit!

Now that I’ve given you a pretty doable option on how to rock neon, what do you think? Will you dip your toes in the neon pool? I want to know!

In Style,