I just want to bust out in a rendition of Guns n’ Roses’ ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ when I look at these photos captured at the tropically iconic and memorable, Jungle Island. Having the opportunity to shoot here is so special on so many levels for me. 1) I was able to introduce my amazing NYC photographer, Lauren, to a really unique South Florida landmark that is not just rich in history, but also beautiful and exotic in a cosmopolitan city like Miami. 2) Jungle Island, formerly known as Parrot Jungle, was such a big part of my childhood; from field trips at school to visits with my mom and dad and with my cousins, I was always so awed and excited by all the birds and animal shows offered at the venue. Now, I get to take my own kids to experience the magic and joy (humid joy, yes) of visiting a place that I would regularly escape to as a child myself. They even attend camp in the summers and that makes me SO happy!

I have been so eager to share these photos with you! Did I mention on my feed how ridiculously hectic, chaotic, stressful, and go-go-go it has been for the Buccio fam?! Yes, most has been positive, amazing and beautiful! Some of it has been straight up stressful. As a whole, I accept the chaos with open arms, but I won’t lie; I need a day or two to recharge and refresh because momma is losing steam! Between a sooner than expected move, writing deadlines, tv assignments, school projects, mothers day, a press trip, some unexpected construction, the usual tantrums, family visitors, and oh, just life, well, I need to come up for air, and let’s make sure that air is laced with anxiety-relieving lavender (lol). Coco and I have simultaneously been killing the teamwork game but at the same time, we are like two ships in the night that are on a path without barely any time to stop and have a conversation. I think tonight was the first time we sat down for dinner at our new place and we cracked open a bottle of wine and just talked while we cooked dinner and set the table.

Okay, now that I’ve given you the lowdown on what’s been happening, it’s safe to say that I haven’t had time to sit down and write a blog post, let alone shoot new content. Alas though, it the eve of my day off and here I am, with a bottle of Spanish wine, typing away and sharing this insane tropically chic look with you.

I’m making progress here, people!

Let’s talk about the look, because that’s what you’re really here for! I am, you guessed it, obsessed. I don’t say that about every look, I know it seems like I do, but really, sometimes I think something is going to look awesome and it looks like rubbish. This is not the case. One of my best friends said to me, “You look like the chicest retiree. Like you had a start up, it was super successful, you sold it, and retired at 38 and this is your look. It’s tropical retiree chic.” I see a lot of compliments in that statement so I’m going to take it!

As we make our way out of spring and into summer, you know that I’ll be loading up on those tropical prints and summer looks! I still hold on to my all black NYC wardrobe, but little by little I’m noticing a synergy of that city girl with some Miami notes.

This looks is a mash up of affordable retail options that make up a quintessential summer outfit and with Jungle Island as a backdrop with it’s lush greenery and animalistic nature, it’s the perfect setting to showcase this look.

Let’s start with H&M and their green-hued palm print top. It screams ‘Tropical!’ The store is heavy with these prints and it’s a smart move to load up one one or two pieces that will get you through summer through mixing and matching with bathing suits, shorts, pants, and even skirts.

I decided to pair mine with my Forever 21 white linen-like pants that are flowy, and easy to wear. Whether it’s a tee or a sweater, these white pants are a good base. They go so well this top because it just maximizes that summer vibe I was going for. Let’s talk about accessories because every time I tell people about my straw visor, they fall back in their chairs! Expecting to hear that I purchased it at some high-end boutique, they’re mind blown when I tell them it’s a $5 Walmart special- yes, Walmart! I bought it in both natural and black! They are my go-to summer staples!

The earrings are also H&M and they probably cost more than any other item in this outfit. They were part of the Sedona collection for the brand, and I got them for $30. I hesitated a bit before buying but I’ve worn them enough now to get my money’s worth and they are HOT! Animal prints are in and will continue to be in so don’t be afraid to have a few of these pieces in your closet.

Last but not least, my must-have summer bag- a straw bag! You’ve seen this bag make an appearance on the blog before, and I really do love it. I can wear it as a cross body with the strap or just handheld. I love that it’s round and compact- a bullseye addition to any summer look!

And with my Ann Taylor cork slip-on heels, I’m ready to take on the heat in style- no matter what nuttiness you throw my way!

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