Did you know the color yellow represents happiness? It also symbolizes a slew of other awesome stuff like positivity, clarity, freshness, and enlightenment. I’ll take one of each, please! So it’s no surprise that dressing up in a yellow hue can often be a mood game changer. You instantly feel alive, happy, and not to sound cliche, bright. I’m transitioning from the mustard/sunflower hues of winter and fall, to the more lively yellows and soft pastels for spring and summer and I’m loving it!

Speaking of positivity and clarity, how many of you meditate? On many of our wellness shows on the Health Channel, we’ve been discussing the topic of mindfulness and meditation and it really sounds wonderful and beneficial in so many ways. My thing is, well, I’m a bit of skeptic. I tried simple meditations in the past, and always found myself drifting, getting restless or impatient and feeling like a meditation failure. I claimed it ‘wasn’t for me.’ Lately though, I’ve been thinking about it and have been wanting to give it another whirl.

At the suggestion of one of my guests, I downloaded an app called 10% Happier and what I love about the app is that it’s basically meditation for beginners, and more importantly, meditation for skeptical individuals like myself. There are different series of meditations and the first 7, are basically introductions to meditation and teaching you about the basics, which comes down to redirecting your drifting mind to the meditation itself, like focusing on the breathing, the posture, your surroundings, the way you’re sitting, etc. It’s all done through a guided format so you don’t feel lost or alone. Little by little as you begin to practice and strengthen that meditation muscle, you’ll get more experience in focusing, in being in the present, in the way you respond/react, and so much more. How can I say no to something that has so many benefits? I have nothing to lose.

I know this isn’t for everyone, I mean, I’m still trying it out; but so far, I’m eager to apply myself, and to learn because anything that helps you relax, de-stress, and better respond to any given situation, is a plus in my book. We live in a very stressful and hectic world, and within that world, we are navigating our own lives and the demands that come with it. Why not find five minutes of our day, whether its to sit alone in the car, or in the bath, or in traffic, and close our eyes and just breathe? Maybe add a mantra in there as an extra booster.

Or maybe just get dressed up in a happy color like yellow!

Meeting new people can also be a way to increase your happiness. Case in point. For this shoot, one of my beautiful followers, reached out and asked if she could take photos of me because she really loved my style and she had recently moved from New York and was building her portfolio. I’m all about helping others, because hey, we can all use (or have used) a little help in our lives! Chelsea Alexis is a growing photographer with a sweet and passionate personality who is eager to learn and that right there, is an encouraging and beautiful thing! After a few traffic snafus, we met up in Brickell to shoot this beautiful yellow dress from Bloomingdales!

The moment I saw this dress, it reminded me of a song we used to sing at school, maybe you’ve heard of it, “Shake it Señorita, Shake it all you can, all the boys are watching you….” It really does make you feel like dancing and twirling in the middle of the street somewhere (expect some looks). Maybe its the pleated tiers, or the bell sleeves, or the off the shoulder silhouette. It’s just such a festive and fun dress and so full of life! I got so many compliments on this dress, and i’m telling you, it’s the color! You’re just drawn to it! I also love the allover floral print. The blue detailing really pops.

Let’s talk about accessories because this is where we had some extra fun! I wanted to add some snakeskin elements so I did that with the belt as well as the shoes. I love how they pair with the florals and the yellow. It gives this ultra feminine look a little bit of an edge!

One of the biggest trends in the last few seasons, which is still going strong, is PVC, or clear accessories like shoes, handbags, and more! I found this Aqua brand black and clear mini tote at Bloomingdales and it’s so cute, plus 100% exclusive to Bloomies! It’s also versatile because you can use it as a handheld tote or I can wear it as a cross body with the gold chain.

A dress like this calls for a summer hat and this one I found on a whim at Target. Of course, I go to Target for detergent and come out with a hat as well. Never fails. I’m very particular about my hats- how they sit on my head, the brim length and firmness, and this one I love! It’s great for both the beach and to wear with any of my summer day looks, like this one. It’s from the brand, A New Day, and guess what, it makes me happy!

That’s what it comes down to, really. Being happy, feeling happy, and living happy. Whether it’s a five minute meditation, a walk around the park, enjoying a nice bath, or hey, buying a yellow dress, find the little things that bring you happiness and make you smile.

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  1. Love the thought behind this – dressing happy is a great start to improving our mood. You look beautiful!


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