You can survive any winter in NY (or beyond) with a good coat. I learned that early on when I first moved to the city. My first year there, I remember purchasing this gorgeous black Zara coat; pretty impractical for a harsh winter, but hey, at least I looked good! That quickly changed when I experienced my first whip of that cold air on my face and body. This coat was just not going to cut it! I knew I had to give in to the infamous puffer coat, which brings me back to this post. I went through years of NYC winters, and let me tell you, I got those puffer jackets to thank for it! I immediately came to realize that puffers were my new best friend and that I much rather be warm and toasty, than perfectly pretty in a tailored peacoat!

Since moving back to Miami from New York, I was still using the same puffer coat. It was time for an upgrade. I was perusing Amazon Fashion, and found this gem. I knew a wanted an army green puffer with a fur trim and I made sure to get that specific in my search and a few options came up. As soon as I found this one, I knew this was it! I loved that it was oversized, it had the fur trim, and I could wear it with anything; from dresses to jeans. More importantly, it looked like a nice comfy pillow that would keep me warm.

I’ve worn it on two trips since I purchased it and it’s been AMAZING. It’s sporty and chic, and also casually cool. I love how it pairs with everything- like this red leopard print dresss from Zara!

The leopard trend is red hot and we took it to Soho for a stroll! This was actually my favorite look from Fashion Week and I can’t wait to wear it again here in Miami. It’s such an easy dress to wear on it’s own, but I opted to wear it belted. My obsession with leopard print is obvious, but I didn’t have any red leopard in my closet, so that was my rationale for purchasing this dress at the Zara Sale! We all need a little red leopard in our wardrobe, right?! I really love how the dress pairs with the puffer, not just because of the color combo, but it really feels like a street style remix.

It’s not over until we talk accessories! Here’s the beauty of this dress; you can really dress it up! Add a pair of fabulous heels, or a sleek boot, throw a leather jacket over it, and voila- you’re vamping it up! Or you can take in a whole other direction and pair it with an oversized black beanie and Classic Reeboks for a more laid-back athleisure vibe! I’m really embracing this sports-centric trend and while super sporty is not my go-to, I’ve focused on some elements I like from the trend; like the fashion forward sneaker.

My friends love to make fun of my sock and shoe look, whether it’s a heel or a tennis shoe, but I say they’re missing out! I love socks and I love them with any shoe, and honestly, you can’t beat the comfort! These white socks from Forever 21 are the cutest because they have a small rose motif and go well with the dress. If you haven’t checked out Forever 21’s sock department, you are missing out. Prepare to be suckered in!

There’s just something about Soho’s cobblestone streets, industrial stoops and buildings, that make for the most funky and picturesque of backdrops for a dress like this. It’s effortlessly cool, just like the neighborhood.

And whether it’s 28 degrees, or 82 degrees, no weather should ever stop you from putting your most fashionable foot forward, especially when you have a dynamite coat to go along with it!

In Style,