A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of coming on NBC 6 in the Mix to discuss how women of all ages can wear one specific trend. With so many trends to choose from, it was hard for me to narrow it down to just one; but I did. I really wanted to focus on the pantsuit, bc I think it gets a bad rap sometimes, and it shouldn’t! There is so much room to get playful with a pantsuit- at any age. So throw away that boring blazer and pant misconception because I’m sharing some tips on how to embrace the pantsuit revolution!

First things first, hello NYC and hello Fashion Week! I took my bi-yearly work trip to the city I like to call home, to soak in some of that winter air and the runways shows for what was my 17th year covering fashion week! I can’t believe I’ve been covering runway shows for that long, and I still pinch myself because there is just so much beauty, pomp and circumstance, and talent that goes into pulling off one these fashion candy spectacles. Every sway of a dress, the click of the photographers’ cameras, the bustle backstage to get models ready, and the front row glamour that has everyone ‘oohing and aahing’ and trying to snap an incognito selfie, is just awesome. For me, it’s about getting to talk to those designers backstage, catching celebs in the front row, and then capturing every single look of that collection as it makes its way down the runway. Even though I’m working, I still like to dress like I am sitting in that front row, and so I like to pack some of my favorite outfits of the season for the occasion. Hence- this power suit from TopShop!

I actually featured this suit in my segment and I LOVE it! It was the perfect outfit for a weekend in the city and it’s not stuffy, boring, or plain. On the contrary, I gave it a street style spin and made it chic, fun, and on trend!

Let’s discuss the color because if you’ve been following me on Instagram or reading my posts, I’ve been quite obsessed with this rust color, and it also happens to be the color trend of 2019, so don’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon. It’s popping up in spring as well! When you think of pantsuit, you often think black, blue, or grey, something to be worn to an office and something often referred to as “business formal’ attire. Sounds pretty bland if you ask me, so let me ask you, when you see this totally bomb power suit, do you get a bland response? Hopefully the answer is no!

Another way to get playful with a pantsuit besides experimenting with color, is wearing it with a graphic tee. I paired mine with a white graphic tee that says ‘Hollywood’ also from TopShop! You can wear it with so much more- get adventurous with a bandeau, or a crop top. A bodysuit is another great option or if you’re really looking into pushing boundaries, go monochromatic!

We gotta talk about shoes because I think that’s another factor that will determine what kind of message you’re sending with your pantsuit! I love that more and more women are embracing the menswear trend. Who says suits are just for the boys? We women can rock the hell out of a pantsuit- whether you’re an influencer a politician, a mom or a teacher- we’re sending a message with a suit: We’re confident and bold. We are FUN, FEARLESS FEMALE and we’re here to run the world.

Before I wrap up this post, we gotta talk about the shoes! When I tell you that options are limitless and they go beyond a well-dressed pump, I’m not lying. I wore my pantsuit with Reebok Classics. Seems like I’m wearing these on the regular, not just because I love how they look on everything from a dress to a pantsuit but they are ultra comfortable! This is an easy way to keep rocking that athleisure trend and be comfortable but still so on trend.

Oh, shout out to my BFF since 2000 because as I was going through his closet looking for a scarf, I found this Prada clutch and borrowed it for my look. That’s what friends are for! (Thanks, Javy!).

I mean, is this your mother’s power suit?! I think not!

In Style,