Happy Weekend, squeezers! It’s about that time to start gearing up for America’s BIG birthday, as families and friends pack up the car, get on a plane, or even maybe a train, to head to beaches, BBQs, and celebrations all over the country to celebrate the old red, white and blue. 
The grocery stores are brimming with firework packages, family size bags of potato chips, wine, beer, and lots of charcoal for that grill! I can’t wait for the burgers and hot dogs I’m going to chow down beach side, washed down with a good ol’ classic Coke or some rose wine spritzers! 
In department stores and fashion boutiques, it’s hard to miss all the Fourth of July inspired apparel, like American flags or tees with cheeky sayings like ‘Red, white and booze.’ There will be tank tops, and board shorts, bathing suits, and even America-loving speedos. From women to kiddos, red, white and blue is being targeted to the whole family. 
Once Fourth of July has come and gone, what happens to all this holiday clothing? It either gets packed up until the following year, or worn around the house as your newest pajama, and this is my point. Why not dress festive and celebrate the 4th, but with looks you can keep wearing all year round? 

There are ways to wear red, white and blue without looking like an American flag. You can still show off those spirit fingers by putting together looks that are not just America-friendly, but can also pass as nautical. Look at that, two trends in one! 
One of my favorite spots (that I rarely frequent, btw), is Espanola Way. The architecture and colors are so vibrant, friendly, and they visually transport you to some quaint Spanish city without leaving Miami. I’ve shot in this same location in the past and I wanted to come back here and show Lauren, my NY photographer (@laurelcreative), this hidden gem. Of course, she fell in love. These mamey walls, with the distressed blue and white tiles are so vivid and eye-catching, and with the outfit, I thought it would work perfectly. 
I love me a loose-fitting blouse- one that I could dress up or down, wear with shorts, pants, and simultaneously over a bathing suit if I wanted to as well. I found this one at (you guessed it), Zara and it’s currently on repeat in my closet. I love the bird print and the colors. I could easily pair this with a pair of jeans, denim shorts, or white my white culottes, but you know me, I wanted to mix it up! 

I found the most amazing blue and white striped pants, also at Zara. I’m very particular on pants and how they fit. These are ideal for summer because they are lightweight and can pretty much go with everything, and they’re great for mixing patterns. So you see why I had to pair the blouse with these pants! It goes so well together. Who would have thought? Maybe this is something you probably wouldn’t have thought to wear together, but sometimes you got to play with what you got in your closet! Move away from the ‘basic’ or expected outfit, and take a fashion leap! 
We took this look on a stroll on Espanola Way, and got so many compliments, one from a known model who was also on the street shooting for a magazine. That definitely felt good! We can’t wrap it up without mentioning accessories. You’ll definitely see me sporting hats more and more during the hot summer months, and we paired this look with a straw fedora and a casual bone-colored clutch and gold espadrilles. 
My blue blocker sunnies compliment the colors of the outfit, and the earrings, (oh the earrings!) are still one of my favorite purchases from Top Shop. They’re such a beautiful, bold red and make a loud statement. 
Have I inspired you to embrace the colors of America with a twist?! I hope I did, and now it’s time to go on vacation mode, at least it is for me! We’ll be heading out tomorrow to Siesta Key and I am giddy with excitement! 
Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday, and remember to light up those sparklers and celebrate the great US of A! 

In Style,