‘I woke up like this.’ We’ve heard the popular expression time and time again and what brings it to life in its truest form, is the oddly-popular-yet-hard-to-accept, pajama trend. Sleepwear has gotten the street style treatment and more and more people (myself included) are jumping on the bandwagon. 
I’ll admit- I was VERY hesitant about this trend- it could appear borderline sloppy or simply lazy- like you literally rolled out of bed and out the door, looking like a madwoman. Maybe it was part envy as well. Let’s face it. We all want to be comfortable. Do you guys remember those Chinese pajama sets as kids?! I was OBSESSED. I must have had them in every color. Then Marc Jacobs came out with a collection sometime in 2001-2002 and I spent like $150 on a red Chinese top just because it reminded me of those Chinese pajamas and I wore it religiously. I remember back then thinking, ‘I’m wearing a pajama top out in the street!’ A very expensive pajama. Ha! 

Fast forward 16 years later, and the pajama trend has blown up. From runway shows to magazine shoots, it’s a trend that has gained traction and many loyal followers. There are endless prints and patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes. You can rock anything from a slip dress to a two piece coordinating pajama set. I had done the slip dress trend plenty. It’s actually really versatile and I throw it on with a pair of boots and sometimes even a tee underneath. For me, it was the two piece pajama look that I was tempted to try but couldn’t get myself to do. 
I few months ago on a trip to Marshalls, I found this dusty pink set in the store’s trendy Cube section. I was immediately drawn to the color, the Asian-inspired print, and the fact that the pants were culottes! That just sold me. Okay, I was going for it and there was no turning back now. 
I fell in love. Why was I so late to this trend?! I didn’t think it was for me, didn’t think I could pull it off, and now I was a convert. Dress me up in sleepwear any day! 

The trick to this look is how to dress it up properly so that you don’t look like you’re really just sleepwalking and someone needs to wake you up from the hot mess of your outfit. I personally wouldn’t wear this look with any slipper-like shoe, unless you’re really taking the look literally. I opted for a pair of athleisure pom-pom sneakers in the same color palette, so I was still comfortable without looking like I was ready for bedtime. 
Depending on the print and fabric, accessorize with a statement clutch. I would even do a fanny! It would look SO cute! I actually wore this look with a fanny and I loved it. Also, play with some statement earrings. Tassel earrings would look adorable with the PJ’s! My focal accessory are these exaggerated heart-shaped sunnies with pink lenses. Hey, if you’re on the street wearing pajamas, you can’t take yourself too seriously! 
One last thing- makeup! You can make a statement with a bold lip color or a bright lid. Get playful! I kept it neutral with pinks and creams, but just think (no with this particular set) what a bold red lip or a hot pink hue would do to a look! 

When Danielle Margherite (Instagram @dmargherite)  and I got together to shoot this look, the newly renovated lobby of the Biltmore Hotel was just calling our name with this pale pink pajama set. The hotel lobby is vibrant and oozing of a marriage of Mediterranean architecture, mixed with elegant Old World features and some touches of new romantic modernism. One thing is for sure, the historic beauty, romanticism, and European grandiose is what continues to makes the hotel a popular landmark and travel destination amongst local and international travelers. 
The lighting and the mood literally set the tone for our photos. I may or may not have laid on one of the plush furniture pieces! I mean, I was technically dressed for it. Some of my favorite photographs from this batch were the ones alongside the Gothic-like standing chandelier. It gave me Haunted Mansion vibes! The staircase and fireplace added character and the lush curtain drapes were very extra- in a gorgeous and rich kind of way. 
So there you have it, folks. I am now a card-carrying member of the pajama trend and I’m already on the hunt for my next set. I’ve added dusters and pajama button down tops, but; what this gal needs is a new set. If you see one you think I would love, send your girl a DM! 
How do you feel about the pajama trend? 

In Style,