TRAVEL+FOOD: Jamaican Me Happy With Seagram’s Escapes

A few weeks ago, my husband, Coco, and I, spent a few days in paradise all thanks to Seagram’s Escapes. We boarded a plane from Miami to Ocho Rios, just us two, to celebrate the launch of some new fizzling fun beverages at the Jewel Dunn’s River Resort. Now, this wasn’t just any trip for us, it was our first trip without our Buccio babes. We’re big on family travel, but this was going to be just us riding solo, and you know what, it’s good for you and your significant other to get quality time together to let loose and have fun. I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind- with the Jamaican sun on my face and a Seagram’s cocktail in hand!

Once we arrived at the Jewel Dunn’s River Resort, Seagram’s and the hotel team really rolled out the red carpet for us! Our room had a breathtaking ocean view, and the perfect little balcony to enjoy libations- and that we did! Easy to say, that Seagram’s New flavor, Jamaican Me Happy, was an instant hit! With flavors of strawberries, melon, and guava, this was my go-to refresher on the trip! Our mini bar was stocked with all the flavors and how cute is this floatie that came in our gift bag? Even our Seagram’s Escapes bottle was going to enjoy Jamaica in style!

Jamaican Me Happy ready for a day on the beach!


Swim Up bar- yes please!


Coco and I would end up here nightly for one more Seagram’s Escapes cocktail before bed.
All the hotel bars were stocked with Seagram’s Escapes (it also happens to be an all-inclusive resort), so whenever we were at the pool or at the ‘tree bar,’ as Coco and I dubbed it, Seagram’s was on the menu. I even made up my own concoction- Jamaican Me Happy, champagne, and a dash of Sprite! Oh, just writing this takes me back to laying on a beach bed sipping on my special Seagram’s creation!
The first night was all about getting to know our fellow travelers and sample some more cocktails and delicious appetizers at the Seagram’s Welcome Party. Chic lounge chairs and table tops were set up on the hotel lawn while people mingled, ate, and drank. An amazing calypso band was playing in the background. What a way to kick things off! If this was day one, I couldn’t wait for the rest of the weekend with Seagram’s Escapes.


What I wore- Day One- H&M off the shoulder top with a Forever 21 polka dot skirt and Steve Madden heels.


After a night of music and conversation, we were ready for Day Two!
Calypso Colada- Where Have you Been All My Life!
I woke up like this- seriously. I decided to kick start our morning with a full breakfast and a  Seagram’s Escapes Calypso Colada cocktail and boy, was it delicious! Now this tastes like vacation in a bottle. The flavors of coconut and pineapple with a little champagne is what I like to call a breakfast of champions. It was close competition with Jamaican Me Happy, but this flavor really encompasses paradise for me!
We spend our day relaxing and lounging on the beach and pool. We opted out of the activities this afternoon so we could actually enjoy doing absolutely nothing. When you’re a parent, a day to yourself doing nada is a luxury and we were spending ours in beautiful Jamaica, so instead of cramming my husbands schedule with activities, we literally spent the day running from the pool to the beach and back. I like to call that exercise. Ha! I do want to point out that Coco did join in on all the pool games- but that was his choice- not over scheduling on my end!


Just me and the big blue Jamaican sea.


Jamaican Me Happy, Mon!
How could you resist these stunning waters of the Caribbean? Tranquil waters, blazing sun, and all the jerk chicken you could eat alongside your favorite cocktail. And because I don’t like playing favorites, I would switch back and forth from the Calypso Colada to the Jamaican Me Happy. I mean, look at how happy I am with my Seagram’s Escapes! That is not just for show, people! That’s the face of a happy beach bum..I mean, customer!
Okay so when I said I didn’t plan anything, that was a bit of a fib! Seagram’s actually did set up massages and a honey and sugar scrub at the Radiant Spa at the resort for Coco and I, and oh my goodness! First off, the ladies at the spa were absolutely delightful and made sure we were happy throughout our whole experience (sorry, no pictures of me getting scrubbed down)! My massage was glorious and they finished up the treatment with a full body scrub, which was so refreshing! Its been years since I’ve had a body scrub and I seriously felt like I just got a new layer of skin. It was heavenly! If Coco could have stayed for another massage and another scrub, he would have. He could not stop raving about his treatment. It was serene, invigorating, and pretty much, awesome!
After massage treat- a little Seagram’s Escapes to wrap up our spa experience.
Our day of relaxing continued through the evening and we went back to our room, took a nap (unheard of), and got all dolled up for dinner at one of the hotel’s specialty restaurants. We were craving some Asian fare and had heard great things about The Jade Samurai, a Teppanyaki style restaurant that serves up grilled specialties as well as table side entertainment with its meal! It was also a fun way for us to meet other folks on the same Seagram’s getaway. Between lots of shrimp flying in the air, an unexpected birthday celebration, and plenty of cocktails, its safe to say that this was a really a engaging and fun dining experience!


What I wore on day two. Zara pants, H&M off the shoulder top, and Steve Madden heels.
Momosa Bar set up at breakfast at the Jewel Dunn’s River Resort


Face Timing with our Buccio Babes before we headed to our horseback riding excursion.
Hello Saturday! It was the perfect day for a little horseback riding. I was determined to do one adventurous activity and so happy we went with this excursion! Seagram’s really outdid themselves setting up unique and entertaining off-site activities that really covered every kind of traveler. Kudos, Seagram’s! I don’t know was was more impressive, though- the horseback riding or the ‘Momosa Bar’ featuring Seagram’s Escapes flavors set up outside the breakfast restaurant. Talk about a welcome! Can you guess which I had? If you guessed Calypso Colada, you got it! That went swimmingly with my egg white omelette! I took one for the road, because you know, horseback riding can make you thirsty (ha!).
Before we boarded our bus, we made sure to Face Time our babies,who were back home in Miami with grandma, who was amazing enough to fly down from New York to watch them, while mom and dad ‘turned it up’ in Jamaica! They were just really excited about us riding horses than making conversation.



Whisper thinks this Seagram’s Escapes drink is for him. Not.
Okay guys, getting to ride horses on a trail and then in the ocean was absolutely awesome! I’ll be honest, I was a little more relaxed when we hit the water, and by relaxed I mean that I was feeling like Khaleesi ready to take over the Seven Kingdoms. On land, I was a little more rigid and Coco kept telling me to relax so I wouldn’t spook my horse. Oh, my horse’s name was Whisper. He was actually a gentle soul. Though I did give him the stink eye when I saw him eyeing up my Seagram’s.




Horseback riding with my Ride or Die companion.
Coco somehow managed to be the only person who fell off his horse when he hit the water. It was hysterical! We both had such a great time and made sure we really lived in the moment, feeling gratitude for this unbelievable experience that we were enjoying thanks to Seagram’s. I mean, there’s nothing really like galloping in the ocean, feeling the sun, and the water splashing on your face. I know it sounds like a Hallmark card, but it’s really true!
The best place for jerk chicken in Ocho Rios- Scotchies.


Preparing the chicken.


Now I’m going to eat this chicken.

Naturally, after so much adventure, we were famished and thankfully, we were riding on a bus with a bunch of foodies who loved to eat as much as we did! Our tour guide suggested we visit the best spot on the island for jerk chicken, so we made a pit stop at Scotchies, a favorite amongst locals and tourists. It’s a true Jamaican experience- order at the window, watch as they cook your chicken or jerk pork on a man-made grill, then grab one of the tables underneath the huts scattered on the beachy open-air property. I also ordered Bammy, Jamaican flat bread that is made with cassava, dipped in coconut oil and fried to perfection. Yum!

We spent the rest of the afternoon by the beach and even took the catamaran out for a spin. Coco loves the catamaran. Before we had kids, we used to love renting them out whenever we went on vacation. I’ll admit, I had a Moana moment for a second as we got close to the reef! It was so peaceful and relaxing and did I mention, we were phone-free?! 30 minutes without technology is a huge feat, especially when you’re with your significant other. No Instagram distractions on the waters!
Once we got back to shore, it was time to get all gussied up for the Seagram’s Escapes Keep It Colorful Fiesta! I visited the Radiant Spa again, and this time treated myself to a braided updo for the party. I knew I was going to be dancing, so I wanted to keep my tresses fashionably in place.
Saturday Night with Seagram’s Escapes and this Stud.


Live Music at the Seagram’s Escapes Keep It Colorful Fiesta.
What an epic night of music and celebration, not just celebrating Seagram’s Escapes, but also the flavors of Jamaican culture. Seagram’s and the Jewel Dunn’s River Resort went all out and put together a festive and vibrant seaside bash that had us dancing and drinking until the rain shut us down! A few raindrops couldn’t stop us from having a good old time on our own dance floor. The resort put out an impressive array of food and appetizers, there were entertainers on stilts, a DJ, a calypso band playing all the biggest hits and local Jamaican talent belting out island melodies as we swayed with our Seagram’s cocktails in hand!
Getting to be a part of this trip was extra special because I got to meet some beautiful blogger babes I follow on the regular. They were so sweet and fun and to meet them in person and spend the evening dancing and getting silly, was the icing on the cake!
This was truly an unforgettable experience and I’m so happy Coco and I got this time to reconnect and let our hair down a bit. When we got back home and after we kissed our babies, we made sure to stock our fridge with some Seagram’s Escapes. I’m already brainstorming Christmas cocktail recipes to bring out during the holidays, because nothing says holiday cheer like some Jamaican Me Merry!

Have you guys tried Seagram’s Escapes? What’s your favorite flavor?

Loved meeting these wonderful blogger babes on the trip! (From left: @Kathleen_Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied, Courtney Kerr of @kerrently,  Karina from @kcyouthere, Joni from @nytrendymoms, and me)


The Real Housewives of Seagram’s Escapes.
In Style,
Kat Buccio