I’m Back! 20 Things You Should Know About Freshly Squeezed Fashionista.

Happy Saturday, Squeezers! I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend to the max, doing what you do best- being fabulous and fashionable! I am very excited because the Buccios are hosting a little dinner party for friends tonight and it just takes us back to our famous NYC dinners that we would host several times a month with family and friends. We love having people over and what’s even more out of this world, we would do it in a 700 square foot apartment! Imagine- 10-14 people getting together to feast, drink, and have a good time. It was never a dull moment at our awesome dinner and drunches! While we haven’t done many in our Miami home, we do make sure the ones we have are just as memorable and fun- with great food and company! My BFF since 2000 and his partner are in town so its sure to be a lively affair! I’ll share some photos and videos on my Instastories! Don’t miss it! 

Well, back to the blog. It’s been a little while (more like a long while) since I posted a fashion related post. I hope you all enjoyed my last travel-related write up; but, I thought this time around, I wanted to share some fun facts about me. Yes, one of those US Weekly inspired ’10 Things you don’t know about Me,’ or something along those lines. I wanted to go a little outside the box and share things that were slightly more detailed and personal, maybe you can get a few chuckles out of some. 

Also for your viewing pleasure, this Eva Mendes summer dress for New York and Company (http://www.nyandcompany.com/eva-mendes-collection-allegria-dress-lily-print/A-prod10490053/?An=1767853277&prodNo=41), that happens to be on sale for $29.99! If you know me well, you know that I speak floral fluently, and this print is vibrant, colorful, but also so ladylike and effortless. The dress is so light weight, it literally blows in the wind (or no wind). I paired it with a summer hat and a pineapple purse because…..summer! 

So, enjoy the pics and the read, and get to know a more personal side of…ME! 

1- I’m obsessed with KFC biscuits. I once took a Downtown bus just so i could go to the only KFC on the upper east side to get them.

2- I love licking the butter off the inside of popcorn bags. It’s disgusting but oh so good!

3- I have fly girl dreams! Ever since watching In Living Color as a kid, I thought I could totally dance like that and be a fly girl. Or so I thought. Jlo is my dance spirit animal.

4- I watched Legends of the Fall 23 times because I was so in love with Brad Pitt.   When my Dad told me I couldn’t watch it anymore, he said that I cried more than I did at my grandmother’s funeral.

5-  When I was in Pre-K, I told my teacher I didn’t drink my juice because my mom was trying to poison me.  Really, I just didn’t like the juice and that was the best excuse I could come up with.  My Mom was thrilled (not).    

6- I used the money I had set aside to buy a bed when I first moved to New York and bought my first pair of Jimmy Choos instead, because PRIORITIES.   

7- I had a breast reduction at age 23.  I was a 32 FF on my small frame and couldn’t haul the extra weight around anymore; and, I was tired of wearing corset bras like a Victorian dame.  Who knew boobs could weigh that much?!

8- My hair has been every color – from orange to black. One day I want to go full blonde but I haven’t mustered the courage yet.

9- I don’t sleep well when Coco’s not home, which brings me to this fact….I suffer from anxiety.

10 – When I was 13 years old, I got second degree burns on my hands from squeezing lemon juice on my hair. The top of my hands literally peeled off and all this happened right before I was to start 8th grade. Needless to say, my self-esteem suffered slightly. Funny enough, this happened again when I was 21 and I fell asleep at the beach with baby oil on my face. I ended up in the hospital with second-degree burns. Lesson learned. 

11- One of my greatest accomplishments is being a mom. (I’ll take it one step further and say, for me, giving birth vaginally ( I was so terrified I was set on having a C-section).  Sounds superficial, but no one, not even me, thought I would go through with it; yet, I did- not once, but twice! So yay to me and to all the mamas out there! Whether you pushed that baby out of your pikachu, had a C-Section, surrogate, adopted- becoming a mother is the most intensely wonderful and hardest thing in the world!   

12 – I got my first internship (and TV job) from a flyer posted at school. And because I didn’t want anyone to have my dream job at Access Hollywood, I ripped the sign off and shoved it in my book bag so no one else could see it. Even then I was ruthless! Persistence and determination have served me well in life. 

13- Coco and I had our first unofficial date at a Spanish bar and spent hours dancing. The bar’s name is Iguanas and it’s still open in Times Square.

14- My favorite movie is Jaws. I basically love watching movies and shows.  Even as an adult, I used to fall asleep watching Peter Pan.  And I consider Liz Lemon from 30 Rock my spirit animal.

15- Believe it. I was a cheerleader and played softball growing up. A true sporty spice! 

16- I love alone time. Sometimes I like to go out to eat by myself, go to the movies, the beach and even shopping. I don’t like shopping with other people. I consider myself selectively extroverted with introverted tendencies. 

17- I own like 15 shades of red lipstick.

18- One of my favorite things to do is cuddle in bed and watch movies with Maya, especially if it’s Harry Potter.

19- I completely fan girled when I had to do a segment with NKOTB. You could probably still find it on you tube. 

20- I don’t drink coffee. Only tea. I drink 2-4 cups depending on the day. I also like wine.


  1. Ace says:

    Head to toe STUNNING! Looking forward to seeing you becoming FULL BLONDE!!!


  2. Breaking Mad says:

    The space itself is great. The bar and restaurant occupies two levels, with a great balcony looking out over the city. I had a great time people watching at LA venue, especially since it was close to festive season.


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