Miami ‘Mom’ Style Map: Gearing Up for Swimsuit Season and Putting Those ‘Tummy Shamers’ on Lockdown

Squeezers! It’s been way too long! Three weeks, actually, since my last post. My daily life has become a professional juggling act of trying to balance kids, family, work, and blogging! I have to remind myself to come up for air, breathe, and take a minute or two to myself, because if not, I’ll go mad. But in the words of Olaf, ‘All good things, all good things,’ so you’ll hear very little complaining on my end. 

I’m so excited to bring you my first swimsuit post of the season via this sensational floral one piece from Red Carter Swim. A big thank you to fellow momma photographer, Jenise Subervi ( for capturing these fantastic photos. This swimsuit was gifted to me while I was pregnant and I was boldly confident that I could squeeze my ginormous belly into it. I was obviously wrong. The suit didn’t even go up my thigh, so off it went into the ‘after baby’ pile with a tear in my eye. A few months after giving birth, I said, ‘let’s give this swimsuit a whirl!’ And voila! It finally fit.  Now, did I have that flat stomach and those washboard abs to go with it? Not really, and why should I?!  Hello, I had just popped out a baby. I’m entitled to this leftover tummy!

Which brings me to tonight’s post….tummy shaming. Oh yeah, tummy shaming is a thing. A real, annoying thing. When I hear, “Omg, you are the CUTEST pregnant girl I’ve ever seen,” or “I hope I look like you when I’m pregnant.” Yeah, thanks. Only I’m not pregnant. I just had a baby. But thanks for tummy shaming me. Note to humans everywhere: Never assume a woman is pregnant. Even if you see a baby’s head popping out of a vagina, just don’t assume. Why are women expected to look like their pre-pregnancy selves a few short months after having a baby? Considering we all have different body types, metabolisms, and lifestyles to factor into our weight loss. Yeah, I’m skinny and I think I look pretty good even if my stomach isn’t paper flat. Here’s the thing people- I don’t care. And you shouldn’t either. 

No one is going to make me feel bad about having a kangaroo pouch seven months after giving birth to Rocco. It’s just not on my to-do list- after laundry, taking care of a baby, doing pick up and drop offs, meeting writing deadlines, sending emails and catching up on my Netflix- I really don’t know where that falls on my ‘priority’ column. Actually, it doesn’t even land anywhere near it because I just DGAF. When the slightest ounce of self-doubt crawls inside my brain, I remind myself, ‘I did the most insane thing in the world- I pushed a baby out of my vagina and created life. This belly was a vessel and it should be given a medal or at least a stake in lottery winnings.’ Bam! Mic drop. If my parting gift after childbirth is a loose tummy, well then so be it. That’s why they have elliptical machines and plastic surgeons. At some point, it’ll go away (basically when I stop being lazy and exercise because prayer alone doesn’t seem to be working). In the meantime, I wear it proud. To all the mommas out there- tell those tummy shakers to SUCK IT! 

Getting into a swimsuit of any type after having a baby is a monumental task. Hide the harsh lighting and the fun house mirrors. It’s a gradual process when it comes to finding a suit that compliments your new body- because let’s be frank, your body changes after baby and hey, that’s totally okay and normal! Be easy on yourself. 

I’ve been on a ‘one piece’ kick for some time now, and when I got this floral stunner, I was in love! For starters, the colors are a kaleidoscope of amazingness! They’re so bright and vibrant and cheery; the suit is an instant mood perk. Next up, is the silhouette. I mean, who doesn’t love a sweetheart cut? It’s one of the most flattering styles for any body type. Add little bit of sexy ‘oomph’ with the low cut accent. It gives my post-baby-post-surgery boobs, a nice little lift. Momma likes! 

Fitting into the suit, tummy and all, felt absolutely fabulous! Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, “She’s skinny. It’s easy for her to say that,” but; here’s the thing. Whether you’re skinny, tall, short, or overweight, we all have our insecurities. It doesn’t matter what shape or size we come in. Let’s embrace that. Some days will be more difficult than others, I get that, but this is our body, its the only one we get, and it does amazing things, like make babies. It’s one of the most gratifying and selfless gifts in the world. Be proud of your scars, of your tummies, your cellulite, and the wrinkles that come with it. You created life!  So the next time someone asks you if you’re pregnant when you’re out and about, or comments on your oh-so-adorable belly, give them a kick in the groin and salute your tummy pride! 

On Me: 

Swimsuit- Red Carter Swim 
Shades- Forever 21 

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  1. Melody says:

    Love the suit! What size are you wearing? (I'm usually a medium to large) Does the suit fit true to size? I'm also 5'2, so would it be good for short ladies? thanks so much!


  2. Celia says:

    I just adore your confidence! I think you look amazing in the bathing suit. It is so great to hear from moms that truly understand how difficult it is to just bounce back after pregnancy. Thanks for being such an inspiration to moms everywhere. We need more body positive messages like this online. Keep up the amazing work on here!

    Ceilia @ Chynna Dolls


  3. ash says:

    nice writings and awesome snaps


  4. Yeah it's true. Like me, I have a big tummy too, and it is hard to work out on how to make it flat. Anyway, I still love to wear swimsuits. Who cares if I want to wear my favorite color blue and enjoy swimming. I have plenty of swimsuits to choose from, and these only came from


  5. Krish Banzet says:

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