Miami Style Map: Pinks and Blues on Espanola Way

Squeezers! I’m back from my whirlwind adventures in La Gran Manzana and had the most wonderful time covering fashion shows, eating my way through Manhattan, and catching up with friends. It didn’t even matter that I was frozen most of the time. My five day ‘momcation’ was everything I wanted-and needed- to recharge my batteries. Now I’m back and excited to post this fun Alkas Couture (@alkascouture) denim little number for you guys! It’s my take on a ‘flirty señorita’ exploring the charming streets of Española Way in Miami Beach.

I was witness to some pretty amazing photo magic a couple of weeks ago, when I had the pleasure of shooting with mega-talented lensmen, Gabe Sanchez of Gabe Media ( Gabe is swift, precise, and has a meticulous eye for capturing minuscule details and blasting their beauty on a magnified landscape, making each image look like fashion postcard. I was struck with how decisive he was with his shots. To his subjects, his direction may come across as rushed or fast-paced, but in reality, you are witnessing the technique of a skilled and blindfolded artist. 

These photos speak for themselves! 

When Gabe first suggested Española Way, I have to admit, I was hesitant. The first thing that came to mind was, ‘seems like a really touristy place,’ even though the architecture is pretty unique. Leave it to Gabe though, to find this beautiful pink and blue Spanish-styled structure along the streets that was basically meant for this dress! The cotton candy hues-from the walls to the patterned tiles- complimented the dusty blue coloring of the ruffled denim dress. We’re seeing a ton of ruffles for spring and coincidentally, those ruffles will be transitioning to next fall as well! They were all over the runway! I love the hint of femininity and youthfulness that ruffles add to a look because it gives off an energetic and fresh vibe when worn. 

And as you can see, one of my favorite accessories made a special appearance- Rocco Buccio! Or as I like to call him, Mommy’s Achilles Heel! The moment this kid bats those long, gorgeous lashes at me, I’m done. When I was pregnant with him, I had so many moms tell me how ‘boys belong to their mommas,’ or ‘he will have you wrapped around his finger,’ and I thought, ‘yeah right!’ Well, I drank the baby boy kool-aid because I’m a sucker for anything he does. I love that by default, he comes along with me to anything and everything I do- from press tastings to blog shoots- and makes the occasional appearance in my posts, showing off his baby zoolander moves! 

I mean, who else can pull off this adorable Keith Haring look with a devilish smile?! 

I want to acknowledge two special collaborators for this look, starting with the killer makeup skills of MAC Pro Artist, Joshua Manuel Ribadeo, who was responsible for giving me this AH-MAZING face for my shoot (@joshuamribadeo). First off, Joshua is incredible. He’s a whiz with a lip stain and makes it look oh-so-easy. He’s funny, mellow, and there was no shortage of fun conversation with this Cuban-American artist! How could you not connect with someone who found his makeup calling after seeing his first drag show and watching firsthand how a drag queen transformed into a stage siren?! He was hooked. 

The focus of this look were the lips, and for that, Joshua went bold with Heroine Lipstick and MAC’s ( new Retro Matte Liquid Color in Recollection to seal it, and the result was an eye-catching purple with a dynamite effect! What I love about my purple lips is that they are such a vibrant, and beautiful reminder of my mom. If you ask anybody about my mom, one of the things they’ll always mention is her bright lips. It was her signature look. If you are talking about Teresita in the 80s, it was all about the purple lips; which, I got to wear every Halloween no matter the costume and I remember being so giddy about twinning with my mom . If the Teresita of the 90s was more your speed, then we’re talking Barbie pink lips all the way. The purple ones were gangster! And its my color of the moment. 

My second collaborator is a fellow visionary and mother, who also happens to create timeless and delicate pieces for her namesake jewelry line, Jacqueline Pinto Jacqueline is part of the design and creation process from start to finish, even selecting the stones herself and making sure each piece is curated  and created with the utmost sophisticated elegance that is associated with her brand. She only uses 18k gold with elements of pearls, gemstones, and diamonds. 

Jacqueline is attentive and she puts so much attention and love into creating the perfect piece and that’s something that really resonated with me when we collaborated on this simple yet stunning cobalt colored necklace from her ‘JP Cabochon Collection.’ It’s the epitome of understated beauty and I’m so honored that she chose me to help represent the embodiment of the ‘JP Woman.’ I wear my necklace everyday and often get compliments on the piece.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of this look and post! I call this post my ‘trilogy’ post, because I was able to connect with three very talented individuals who share one common thread- a passion for their art and bringing that art to life through dedication, practice, and love. And that my friends, is where the road to happiness begins.

On Me:

Dress- Alkas Couture
Shoes- Steve Madden
Necklace- Jacqueline Pinto

On Rocco:
Jumper- Keith Haring for Gap
Shoes- Sweet and Swag