Miami Style Map: Moods and ‘Momcations’

Squeezers! I’m back with a brand new post, featuring the mad photographic ‘genuisness’ (yes, I totally just invented that word) of the one, the only, Elizabeth from Ra-Haus Fotografie See, Liz and I have been busy popping out babies and getting them on sleep schedules so we haven’t been able to shoot for some time. But alas, the baby gods smiled upon us and we rolled up to our location with our tricked out strollers and arsenal of baby toys, ready to shoot the sh^%t of this faux leather look from Forever 21. It’s giving off all sorts of moods, and I love it! It’s what we do best. 

In a few days, I’m headed off to New York to cover fashion week and I can’t even begin to explain how freaking excited I am. Whenever I get the opportunity to do what I love, a part of me comes alive and I’m reborn in a new light. I absolutely love what I do and I no longer take those opportunities and experiences for granted. That excitement, though, comes paired with a mountain of anxiety and ‘what ifs’ that plague me during the days that lead up to my trip. Call it mom guilt. It’s a bitch. It isn’t until I’m in the trenches of work, doing my red carpet interviews and running after designers backstage, that I finally ease up and zen out in my happy place. 

I call this my ‘momcation’- where I take some time away to detach, to regroup, and recharge my batteries without having to worry about school drop offs and pickups, laundry, nighttime feedings, or walking dogs.  Basically it gives me sanity. And I think all moms need and deserve a ‘momcation’- whether it’s a few hours, a full day, or a couple of days. We moms need a little break to take care of ourselves and hit the refresh button. The last time I had a ‘momcation,’ was in June when I went to New York for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. I was six months pregnant, and though I wasn’t technically alone (hello, Rocco), it was nice to get away for a few days and reconnect with the people I love in the city I love. 

Since becoming a momma of two this past September, I’m double exhausted, double sleep deprived, and have very little recollection of what ‘alone time’ really means. That must be a foreign language! However, my happiness has quadrupled a million times over now with Maya and Rocco, and I’m oozing love and gratitude in every way possible. And thankfully, Coco and I work tremendously hard at creating some sort of imperfect balance to help each other out. It’s tough; but, we do it and it’s so worth it. Who needs sleep anyway, right?! 

With that being said, I got one foot on that plane. But just ask me how I’m feeling a few days before I head out. I’m an anxious mess. I hate leaving my babies. It kills me inside. There’s definitely tears (mostly on my end), suffocating hugs, and those inescapable ‘maybe I shouldn’t go’ conversations that always end with my husband bringing me back to reality. I’ve made daily schedules for Coco, I’ve put together some outfits for the kids (I’ve learned to let go of this one, somewhat), set up playdates and Gymboree classes, and touched base with babysitters, grandparents, and friends. A mom’s work is never done; not even when I’m 1500 miles away. Expect texts, FaceTime, emails, and random phone calls, because that’s just what I do. I’m never 100% detached and I’m okay with that. 

I’m almost overwhelmed with how much time I’m going to have to myself. I don’t even know where to begin. Do I read magazines? Do I catch up on old shows? Do I write the forgotten ‘thank you’ cards from Rocco’s baptism or update his baby book? My head is spinning from all the mundane possibilities of what I’m free to do. Here’s the thing when you have kids- when you do get those odd moments of ‘free time,’ whether it’s five minutes or five hours, you run with it and make sh$t happen. I’m not saying save the world, I’m talking about having a cup of coffee without interruption, sleep a full 6-8 hours, or sit on the toilet scrolling through your Instagram without anybody bothering you. Do whatever makes you happy with that treasured ‘mommy’s time out,’ because those are few and far between. 

But you know what the best part of going away is? Missing the heck out of my husband and kids and getting to come home after being away. I’m already looking forward to  sleeping like sardines in our bed because there is no better feeling than being with my babies! So let’s get this momcation started and leave the guilt baggage at the door! 

We’re moving on from ‘momcations’ to moods, and this all-black-all-faux-leather ensemble is giving off vibes right now. It is easy to pull off and easy to wear. And it all lies in the mood! I channeled my inner ‘dark and stormy’ with deep vampy lips and tousled tresses. I love the combination of the leather top and the shorts. As a matter of fact, I’m packing a variation of this look for NYFW. I’m trading in the shorts for faux leather joggers! 

Normally, I would slap on a pair of booties with this look but I wanted to change it up a bit- step outside my comfort zone.  I’m showing you how you can dress up this look with a sexy pair of animal-print heels and these Chiffino heels are one of my favorites! I added a pair of gold statement earrings from NY jewelry, Marshellys (, because anything else wouldn’t make sense with this look. The earrings are modern and sleek but also quite simple. 

Remember, there’s a hot mom inside all of us- so bring her out to play- maybe on your next ‘momcation!’

On Me: 

faux leather top- Forever 21
faux leather shorts- Forever 21
Heels- Chiffino
Earrings- Marshellys

In Style, 


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  1. A girl after my own heart – TRULY. In full on Forever 21, trying to make a photo shoot work with real life happening!

    See, Liz and I have been busy popping out babies and getting them on sleep schedules so we haven't been able to shoot for some time. But alas, the baby gods smiled upon us and we rolled up to our location with our tricked out strollers and arsenal of baby toys, ready to shoot the sh^%t of this faux leather look from Forever 21. It's giving off all sorts of moods, and I love it! It's what we do best.

    ^^^ My truly favorite part. HA.

    I love love faux leather and it's such a chic, easy way to wear it as the two piece – you make it look SO expensive! I love it.

    Props girl! Props!


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