Miami Style Map: Nothing But Blue Skies (and Florals)!

I was rummaging through old photos, and came across this session that I had forgotten to post! Lizzie from Ra-Haus ( and I, took these at South Point Park on a beautiful ‘winter’ day. I had just found out I was pregnant, and was disastrously sick. You probably can’t even tell in the photos, but I was pretty much feeling like death. The first trimester of Rocco’s pregnancy was hellish. Anywho, back to this fantastic floral outfit, or better yet, the breathtaking backdrop, because it really feels like someone painted that big blue sky right behind me!

I really don’t wear a lot of dress pants. I tend to be more of a dress girl, or if I do wear pants, I like them to be high-waisted. So these grey ‘boyfriend’ style pants, are a slight departure. Their fit and cut is what drew me. I paired them with a bold-colored floral top that compliments the grey. 

I kept the jewelry minimal with an art-deco ear cuff from H&M and a simple long necklace from Rocksbox. Thanks to GlamSquad (, I have these fabulous braids that really show case the ear candy! This is one of my favorite hairstyles and I can’t wait to do it again. It’s effortlessly chic and versatile, worn perfectly with any style and look. 

Let’s wrap up this post with an extra round of details! I love this bright purple colored Fendi pouch, that my best friend actually got me as a gift. You can wear it as a clutch or it comes with a strap to wear on the shoulder. It plays well with the vibrant color palette of the floral top. Plus, I really dig a purple and grey combo! 

And last but not least, my babies, my Chanel quilted platforms. They’re glorious and even after years of having them, I am still obsessed! They are such a statement piece. I mean, how can you resist those sexy straps?! 

On me: 

Floral top- Forever 21
Grey Pants- Forever 21
Ear Cuff- H&M
Necklace- Rocksbox
Wedges- Chanel
Purse- Fendi 

In Style,