Miami Style Map: Gearing Up For a Miami Christmas

Hello dear Squeezers! Hope you are all doing swimmingly and gearing up for fun and merry festivities with friends and fam. I know a few of you (okay, more than a few) are still running around doing some last minute shopping..ahem, me included! Yet, despite the ‘down to the wire’ rush to get things done, nothing beats that magical feeling of the holidays- even the unavoidable family theatrics that come along with it! 

This year, we are staying put in Miami with my family since we were in NY last Christmas with Coco and his family. Since we’ve been together, we take turns splitting the holidays so its fair for everyone! Despite the unseasonably warm winter up north, we are definitely missing celebrating the holidays in New York! I’ve said it many times before, there is just nothing like the holidays in the Big Apple. From the wintry weather to the storefront windows, NY is the poster city for all things holiday! We love getting all bundled up, walking through Central Park, seeing the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, oh, and catching a glimpse of that ol’ Rockefeller tree, even if it means getting shoved by all the tourists. 

Coco still hasn’t adjusted to Christmas in Miami and I get it, Christmas in a tank top isn’t exactly what you have in mind when you think of the postcard holidays. But Christmas is more than weather; it’s about family, about waking up together at the crack of dawn with your kid to open presents and relive the wonder of being young and experiencing the Christmas magic through the eyes of a child. This year, we are hosting both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I can’t tell you how excited we are to have a full and cozy (very cozy) house the next two days. Coco has set the menus, the Christmas place settings are ready to go, and our fake Christmas tree is shining bright waiting for the guests and kiddos to make an appearance. Christmas music has been playing nonstop in our house and we’re wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters despite the sweltering heat. And I’m loving every second of it! Yesterday, Coco took Maya to pick out two toys for kids in need, or as she calls them ‘Papa Dios’ kids.’ We want to teach her from now, that it’s not always about receiving; it’s also wonderful to give to those less fortunate and create a happy memory for them during the season of giving. 

To me, that’s what Christmas is all about….Even if its 85 degrees outside! 

I like to think that Christmas came a few months early this year with the arrival of Rocco! We couldn’t ask for a better gift. No return necessary! We are so looking forward to celebrating Rocco’s first Christmas together. Maya is excited to help him open his gifts and though he won’t really know what’s going on, I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of all the crinkly wrapping paper and chaos on Christmas morning. I’ve got a baby with a bad case of FOMO (he gets it from his daddy) and he won’t want to miss out! 

One of the perks of winter in Miami, is well, there’s no winter! You got year round sunshine and for us, that means enjoying the beach 365 days a year. It also means getting to enjoy the outdoors and trading in pine trees for palm trees. It means summer dresses with a hint of cold-weather accents (like booties)! And for this momma, it means more strolls and park time with my little ones during school break! For Rocco, that means coming along with me to any photo shoot I may have going on- like this one! 

Shopping for boys is a little more challenging than girls, I think. Call me high maintenance, but I’m definitely more particular about Rocco’s wardrobe. I take pride in cultivating his baby style! You can say I’m going for that preppy/hipster/urban/city chic baby look- basically, a kid in adult clothing! A lot of the inventory you see is commercialized clothing, and while I’m all for that when it comes to pajamas (and trips to Disney), I can’t have my kid looking like he’s a walking advertisement for cartoon characters. I love big box stores like Peek Kids, Baby Gap, H&M, and Zara. But I’ve also found some small boutiques via Instagram that are really stepping up the ‘kid fashion’ game. I’ve already stocked up on goodies from these smaller retailers and can’t wait to have Rocco sport them! 

For this shoot, Rocco is wearing Peek Kids ( fall collection! I love their cool and on trend selection for both boys and girls! I actually picked up Maya’s ‘Miami appropriate’ Christmas outfit at their store.

I color-coordinated his look to my camel-hued sleeveless shirt dress! While I’m not particularly big on dressing within the brown family, I am a huge fan of camel. To me, it’s such a great neutral and goes well with grey, navy, black, and even plum! I paired the dress with these suede ankle booties and my London Sparkles Hat from Goorin Bros. Its my go-to hat for EVERYTHING these days. And we can’t forget about my Walgreens sunnies- yes, Walgreens! Can you believe it?! Best 12 dollars I ever spent. 

My plan is to wear this camel-colored shirt dress for one of our many holiday celebrations, sans the hat. With a great pair of leopard heels, and a bold purple lip, I’m ready to fa-la-la-la my way through 2016! 

I wish you all a very merry sandy (or snowy) Christmas! And I hope you make lasting memories with those you love the most! Don’t forget to spread a little cheer, give a little love, and have a few glasses of egg nog with your Jingle Bells!

In Style,