Miami Style Map: Florals for Fall- Groundbreaking!

Seems like florals is one of those trends that just won’t quit. We saw florals for spring (groundbreaking!), floral for summer (groundbreaking!), florals for fall (gasp..groundbreaking!). And whether it is groundbreaking or not, let’s face it, florals are a classic. They’re packaged in different palettes and hues- tailored to their respective season and found in the trend forecast’s silhouettes du jour. 

If it’s one person that is happy to see a recurrence of in-your-face-florals, it’s moi. I can’t get enough. However, I have scaled down drastically on the floral apparel in my wardrobe. There’s simply no need for three bohemian style floral tops, or four grungy floral tank tops. There just isn’t. They key is to keep it to a maybe a maximum of 3-5 floral pieces that are versatile in range and style and that can be mixed and matched continuously so you don’t have to keep clogging your closets with more trendy florals. Get me?

I scored this richly-hued floral frock at a Zara sale and it’s everything! As I get older (and fashionably wiser), I like to invest in pieces that will take me from season to season. I can’t afford (and find it senseless to be quite honest) to splurge on an item I’m only going to wear once. It’s got to have life to it. This dress is so easy to take from season to season! Case in point- for this post, I gave it some (Miami) fall-like elements like socks with peep toe wedged sandals. Plus I love mixing patterns! The leopard shoes really pop when paired with such vivid colors like the yellow and bright green. 

I wore this dress over the weekend with pointy toe flats and I’m taking it on my upcoming NY travels and will be accessorizing it with a faux fur vest and either gold or black tights! 

Chris, from Ra-Haus Fotografie ( did an awesome job at making this dress standout in the lush grounds of the Freehand Miami- one of my favorite spots to kick back with friends over some killer cocktails ( It’s just a melting pot of cool when you mix the dress, the art deco architecture, the eclectic colors and designs of the furniture, and most importantly, the inviting greenery and refreshing poolside ambiance! Because nothing says fall in Miami like a pool! 

So next time you’re out shopping and you make a beeline for the florals, ask yourself- is this groundbreaking enough to earn a spot in my closet?! Let Miranda Priestly be your guide. 

On Me: 

Dress- Zara
Heels- Chiffino
Necklace- H&M
Glasses – Forever 21 

In Style, 


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