Miami Style Map: All Tied Up for Fall.

Giddy up, fashionistas! Fall has officially kicked into high gear! In Miami, that might not amount to much, but it doesn’t mean us South Floridians can’t enjoy some fall fashion this season. When you live in hot and sunny Miami, and those few 60 degree days roll around, you bring out the big guns- leather jackets, light scarves, booties, and maybe some fingerless gloves if you’re bold! 

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to make fun of the locals who bundled up like they were waiting for an impending blizzard. I mean, 60 degrees is hardly sweater weather. Maybe some were actually cold, or maybe some just really wanted to experience a smidgen of fall. And I get it. Kind of. After 12 years of true fall weather in New York- changing leaves, brisk mornings, and legit pumpkin patches- I definitely missed the colored tights, the fall coats, and knitted scarves. So now, when those almost autumn-like days come around in our Magic City, I’m the first to throw on every imaginable flannel, beanie, and jacket in my closet. It’ll make me feel like I’m somewhere in the Northeast. I’ve become one of those locals! And guess what?! I like it. Make fun of me all you like, because ignorance is fashion bliss. Fall (or at least the idea of it) makes me insanely happy! I do make it a point, though, to go back to the city every fall, just so I can see New York in its glory. Because there’s nothing like New York in the fall or during the holidays! Plus I get to wear all those tights! 

I was so excited to team up with Chris from Ra-Haus Fotografie ( to photograph some fall looks that are perfect for Miami weather! And what better location than the Freehand on Miami Beach ( It’s one of my favorite spots for cocktails in Miami! And the best part about these looks is that you can make them weather appropriate by adding extra layers and heavier outerwear. This was also my first shoot after having Rocco and it felt fantastic to get back out there! 

I fell in love with this hunter green tunic dress from Forever 21 because its such an eye-catching hue for fall! I especially love the the black bow detail and how it pops against the jewel-toned backdrop. How great does my new short hair look against the green (thank you, Emiliano)?! The light brown highlights are au naturale! I love a good shirt dress and this one is a winner!  Long gone are the days of cleavage bearing necklines. Back in the day, if my boobs weren’t spilling out of my shirt, then I wouldn’t wear it. I’ve gone extreme in my older (and fashionably wiser) years. I’m all about the high necklines and it’s such a welcomed change (that’s not to say I don’t appreciate some good cleavage now and again)!

And another fall favorite of mine- shoes with socks! Yay! It’s a nod to my private school days and I just love the preppy look! But now I’m swapping those school shoes for some heels, like these peep toe ones by Marc Jacobs! I’m finishing off the look with my new, sleek camel-colored hat. It’s a fan favorite! My look wouldn’t be complete without a bold lip color. This deep plum shade is my go-to for the season. 

I can’t wait to take this fall number for a spin in the town! And it’s definitely going in my suitcase when I head to New York for the Thanksgiving holiday. Only, I’ll be wearing it with my leopard coat that’s waiting in the wings! 

On Me: 

Dress- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Heels- Marc Jacobs 

In Style, 



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