Miami Style Map: White After Labor day and Celebrating ‘Citiversaries’

Squeezers! Are you happy to see me?! 

I’m back with my first fashion post after baby! And we’re still talking maternity style, though this dress is perfect whether you’re pregnant or not! When Miami based, Venezuelan- American designer, Lisu Vega (a fellow momma-to-be as well), reached out in hopes of collaborating, I was excited ( Her designs are unique, contemporary, and what I like to call, ‘achievable avantgarde.’ When she delivered this white shift dress to my apartment, I was in love. I’m a big fan of shift dresses and this one was stunning- from the textured fabric to the peek-a-boo details on the sleeves. It was literally a blank canvas and open to so much styling potential! 

This dress was a departure from my usual urban-bohemian wardrobe and I’m always up for a style challenge and for tapping into new looks that still speak to me, especially when it comes to white. My go-to color has always been black, so to get to add some white in my closet is a sweet perk! Plus, I don’t follow that ‘no white after labor day’ rule. Hello, I live in Miami! Even if I didn’t, though, white is a color for all seasons. In New York, I used to take my white maxi dresses and lace dresses from season to season with the help of tights, booties, and leather jackets. There is no need for them to be stored away until that first summer breeze. White injects freshness and vibrancy to a look, no matter the weather du jour! 

This Lisu Vega dress was simply glorious to wear while pregnant! It took ‘maternity chic’ to a whole new level. Besides winning some extra points in the comfort department, I love that it’s effortless and it stands out. I kept everything else- from the hair to the accessories- simple, because I wanted the the dress to be the focal point. In addition, photographing the dress in the iconic aqua and white New Yorker Hotel in MiMo ( with Chris from the Ra-Haus team (, really made it pop in this real-life postcard setting. I love how the modern aqua hues of the building blend so ceremoniously with the outfit. That’s the thing with MiMo’s architecture and pastel-hues- you don’t mean them to be storytelling elements in your fashion story, but they definitely become part of the conversation! 

I styled my hair in a sleek low ponytail and added a vivid shade of bright coral on my lips to compliment the dress. The rose-gold platform wedges only emphasized the prominent ‘streamlined contemporary’ style of the look, and the coral envelope clutch was a bonus pop of color. How fantastic is this clear plastic snake-like statement necklace from H&M?! It’s definitely an out-of-the-box piece! 

It’s appropriate that the backdrop of our shoot is at the Hotel New Yorker, since I want to chat a little about openly celebrating my two-year Miami ‘citiversary.’ I hesitated to make mention of my two years back in the MIA, because it didn’t compare to the level of excitement and pride I used to experience when I would post about my NY ‘citiversaries’ for almost 13 years. September 3rd quietly marked the second anniversary of being back in Miami, a move that came with lots of resistance and tears on my end (I thought marrying a born and bred NYer would keep me happily grounded in the city). Instead of shying away from acknowledging these two life-enhancing years, I’ve decided to be proud of them (maybe not with the same level of excitement), because two years in the Magic City have been defined by a momentous amount of growth and resilience as an individual, wife, and mother. It has come with a new set of wonderful opportunities and life goals (for myself and my family). It has made our family unit stronger and happier and most importantly, it has allowed us to cultivate new and old friendships alike. We never expected to come across such a unifying support system in Miami, and our hearts have been full of gratitude for those special people who welcomed us with open arms. 

I’m a big believer in the ‘everything happens for a reason’ philosophy- and our ‘refueling pit stop’ in Miami, as we like to call it, has slowly been revealing itself. Rediscovering and reconnecting with my hometown, and getting to share so many childhood memories with Maya, Rocco, and Coco, without losing our core happiness has been cathartic and refreshing. We’ve learned to love the city in a whole new way, through a different set of eyes, maturity, and appreciation. Will New York ever leave my mind and my heart? Never. Will we ever move back? Possibly. That city is a big part of who I was and who I became.  As my best friend (also a Miami transplant living in the city) says, ‘I was born and raised in Miami, but I was made in NY.’  

But Miami, despite its highs and lows and absurdly hot weather, has been good to us; a life’s refresher that was more needed than wanted. New York will always be my home and my family’s home too; but, so will Miami. We’ve taken advantage of what she has to offer and we’ve found a new kind of happiness and ease that has allowed us to enjoy each other in another capacity. For me, it has been further proof that no matter the unexpected, I will work hard to find the beauty and the positive and use it to push myself to another level of success and perseverance. And for that, I thank you and love you, Miami. 

So for whatever time we decide to stay in this tropical paradise (enjoying its beautiful beaches and vibrant neighborhoods) before jetting off to our next adventure, we are excited and hopeful of what life in Miami has in store for the Buccios!  

On Me: 

Dress- Lisu Vega
Necklace- H&M
Shoes- Steve Madden
Clutch- Love Shopping Miami
Sunnies- Forever 21 

In Style,