The Rocco Report: 39 Weeks

My dear Squeezers- our time together on this pregnancy roller coaster will soon be coming to an end and it has been such a wonderful experience sharing it with all of you! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my momma-to-be adventures. I hope some of my entries made you laugh. I’m sure some made you cry. But more importantly, I hope that they were helpful in some way. It makes me so happy when I hear that something I wrote really resonated with you and you were able to relate. That is the whole point in sharing my journey with you; to be able to pay it forward and help other moms find some solace and comfort! 

It’s been a couple of days of heavy contractions and I wanted to make sure I got this entry out before things got a little crazy! I’ve been having so many feelings about Rocco’s birth and I wanted to share those with you. We’ve had three and a half years as a family of three, and in a few short days, we will be ‘Buccio party of four.’ We are so proud of the little family we have created; and we could never have imagined how much this tiny human has changed our lives for the better. We were thrown into this parenting abyss blind, learning as we went, laughing, crying, growing, only to wake up each day better people, better spouses, and better parents. Some days as new parents were easier than others, some left us scratching our heads, some left us with that euphoric ‘I can’t stop’ smiling feeling, but everyday has been a gift and we thank God that we get to grow and learn together as a family unit. 

You can say that Maya was our first official parenting instructor. She was our first foray into Parenting 101. She was the most instrumental (and forgiving) teacher and she has better prepared us for the arrival of Baby Rocco. So thank you, Maya, for all the learning experiences- the baby charades before you could talk, the poop explosions in the middle of a city sidewalk that left us laughing and scurrying, and for our all those special and unforgettable ‘firsts’ that took our breath away.  

 I hope we passed your ‘parenting crash course’ with flying colors! 
Buccio party of three. (Suna Photography)
It’s been really hitting me these past couple of days that there’ll soon be another baby coming into our house! Another kid in our domain. Sh#$%t is about to get real. The co-sleeper is all set up. The glider is ready for night feedings, and the Momaroo is waiting for some baby action. I got formula stacked in the kitchen, a pimped out tummy time mat waiting in the wings, and my Tucks and Preparation H cream at arm’s reach. My nails are done, my hair is blown out, and I got all the labor text chains ready to go. Coco’s been working on his mobility and he’s like Tony Hawk on that knee scooter, popping wheelies around the apartment and setting up any last minute gear for Rocco. Even Maya has been hosting her own one-woman infant classes – feeding and burping her Disney princess dolls in preparation for her big sister duties. If you haven’t figured it out already, we’re ready for you, Rocco! 

Many years ago before becoming a mom, I had this crazy feeling, which is a bit hard to describe, that felt like I had connected with the idea of Rocco in my dreams; that he was meant to exist. Like I said, it’s difficult to put into words; but, each time I heard that song from Savage Garden, specifically the lyrics, “I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life. I knew I loved you before I me you, I have bean waiting all my life,” it perfectly puts into words what I was feeling in those moments. And it’s surreal to think that he will finally be here, in our arms, in our hearts, and in our home. I can’t wait to meet him.

Yes, there are still those occasional thoughts that go through my mind, “How will I love him more than I love Maya? Is it even possible? Can my heart and affection be divided, or will it grow tenfold? How will our dynamic change? Will he steal my heart?” And I guess I’ll have those answers soon enough. They seem intangible right now, but I’m excited and terrified to experience a new level of unconditional love. My heart exploded when I held Maya for the first time- like all the air was sucked out of me and yet suddenly, I was reinvigorated with new life. It was a momentous. How will number two compare? I get butterflies just thinking about it. 

And so here we wait, semi-patiently, for our world to be flipped upside down again in the most joyous and chaotic way. A new chapter will begin for the Buccio family, and we can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. 

** Stay tuned next week for Rocco’s birth story. If its anything like Maya’s, you won’t want to miss it! **

Getting ready for Rocco. 

Bumpin’ Love, 

Rocco’s Mom