NYC Style Map: Forever 21 Makes an Appearance on Charles St.

I’m dreaming of Manhattan sidewalks and West Village streets! And I’m loving this Forever 21 overall dress, which I wore several times while I was in the city in July. It’s so practical! 
I bought these as an alternative to my overalls. God knows I love those overalls, but as I got deeper into my pregnancy and my urge to pee was now coming every 15 minutes or so, it became a really big pain to unbuckle and buckle those overalls at lightning speed in order to avoid any accidents! Hence, this amazing overall dress- it was the most chic and fashionable solution! 

I love that I can wear them while pregnant and also after I give birth. I’m already envisioning them for fall with tights, a jewel-toned blouse, maybe even my Janessa Leone navy felt hat, and my oxford heels. Take me back to New York! This dress deserves to be photographed in fall foliage! 

Another perk about this overall dress is that I have been able to wear those ‘stored away’ crop tops underneath the dress because it cuts high on the side. My crop tops no longer have to cry at being shunned during the pregnancy- this denim frock has saved them from extinction! 

I paired it with a navy and white striped crop top also from Forever 21, my Marc by Marc cross body, and my super rad metallic wedge platform from Steve Madden! I love the rose gold finish on the wedges because it’s funky while still maintaining that classic element. And can we talk about my braids?! It’s the one braided hairstyle I learned how to do on my own and I’m so proud. I’m sure I’m going to tire out that braided look because it’s just so easy to do (and that says a lot coming from me) and it’s playful! 

When we lived in the city, one of our favorite things to do on the weekend (besides brunch), was take the train down to the West Village and just walk around, take pictures, pop into bars and restaurants, and explore the neighborhood. Coco grew up coming into the city and the West Village was always his favorite neighborhood to hang out in. There are so many families, so many beautiful townhouses, picturesque tree-lined streets that are very quintessential New York. It’s a bustling yet quaint creative hub that feels like a tiny suburb within a city. And when it was just Coco and I and the weekend would roll around, we would jump on the train or on the bus and hang out all day in the village- eating, drinking, and finding our ‘million dollar townhouse’ that we would one day live in with an army of kids! That dream has definitely not died. 

And with Maya in tow, we incorporated a lot more parks, ice cream shop visits, and expanded our fantasy real-estate hunt! Is a five million dollar townhouse on Charles St so much to ask for?! Ha! 

Even when we come back home to visit, a day or two in the village is always on our ‘must-do’ NYC agenda! I already have a list of restaurants and parks I want to check out. And this time, we’ll be doing it as a family of four!

I can’t wait to explore the city with Rocco! We’re going to start our city boy young! 

On Me: 

Overall dress- Forever 21
Crop top tank- Forever 21
Crossbody- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Wedges- Steve Madden 

In Style,