Rocco Report: 37 Weeks

How many of you are familiar with that catchy (and by catchy I mean it will be annoyingly stuck in your head until the end of time) song from the Lego Movie, ‘Everything is Awesome?’ Because right now, my theme song sounds more like, ‘Everything is Swollen,’- like everything.  Starting with my vagina, which looks like an inflated party balloon, my unintentional Kylie Jenner plumped lips (this one I don’t mind so much), my cheeks, and oh, my feet, which could belong to a baby elephant. Thankfully, I’m still pulling off this pregnancy with style, but seriously, it’s getting tougher to get around without feeling extreme exhaustion! I’m taking it easy as much as possible, keeping my feet up, and catching up on last minute writing assignments before Rocco gets here. 

Thursday I have another appointment with my OB to check my cervix and just see how I’m feeling overall. I’m up 20lbs from my 116 start and Rocco is probably over the 7lb mark, closer to 8, at this point! Oh boy.

I’ve got a severe craving for anything sweet. For the past two weeks, it’s become an unquenchable addiction! Ironically, all I craved at the start of this pregnancy was salty foods; now, the more sugar the better. One day it’ll be caramel frapuccinos, the next it’s sundaes from McDonald’s with hot fudge and caramel. My lowest point came when I had an insatiable craving for condensed milk. Oh Em Gee! I drove to Publix, bought a can, cracked it open with a knife (my can opener failed me. Maybe it was a sign?) and I guzzled half that can and then threw it away. For a quick second I contemplated taking it out of the trash but thankfully, I came to my senses. Ew. 

With just a couple of weeks away from delivery (two, actually, but who’s counting?!), it’s important for those mommas-to-be to get in a little alone time and some ‘pregnancy pampering’ before the big day. Whether it’s a prenatal massage or a quick manicure, there’s always something new moms can do to treat themselves (and still keeping budget in mind)! I was very fortunate to indulge in a few prenatal massages along the way. Next week I’ll go get a mani and a pedi and a blowout in preparation for Rocco! But back to the massages- these were much needed and incredibly relaxing and soothing, especially when you’re carrying the extra weight. And having someone work on your back, shoulders, scalp and feet is just heavenly. It’s well worth the one hour of disconnect! 

If you’re looking to book a massage but don’t know what spa would work best, I’m here to give you my two cents on the best spots for you! Here are my top picks for prenatal massages! And the best part? It’s Miami Spa Month so all of these locations have great deals going on right now. 

Agua Spa at the Mondrian Hotel South Beach-( From the moment you walk into the pristine all-white lobby, you automatically go into zen mode. Start off with one of their nail services, like a signature manicure (hands need love too) and then indulge in a prenatal masage! That’s exactly what I did. I had the masseuse focus heavily on my back and it was one hour of pure pleasure. My muscles felt less tight and she was very accommodating in regards to the specific areas that needed attention. Once you’re done, enjoy some time in their relax lounge or take a dip in the pool! The Agua Spa is one of the few spas that allows you to use the hotel’s facilities (like the pool) at no extra charge! So enjoy a swim by the bay and extend that pampering a little longer! 

Ritz-Carlton Spa South Beach– ( If you book your prenatal massage at the amazing Ritz spa, make sure to ask for Dialys- she will put you under a spell (or at least a deep sleep) with her magical masseuse fingers. As a new mom herself, she knows exactly where to focus her time and energy and works on those testy muscles and areas with a mix of gentleness and the right amount of pressure. The lightly-dimmed lounge is the perfect spot to relax before and after with some detox tea and yogurt covered pretzels. Go ahead, close your eyes and wander off as Dialys makes all your pregnancy pain disappear! 

The Spa at Turnberry Isle-( There’s a reason that Conde Nast named the Turnberry Spa one of the best in the country. It’s a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Miami. It’s located in Aventura and gives off that feeling that you’re actually ‘away’ on vacation. Fellow preggos- the spa offers maternity-friendly tables, equipped with a cut-out for belly comfort. I opted out of this but my masseuse, Catherine, quickly got me nice and comfortable with pillows and blankets. I really wanted her to focus on my scalp and shoulders and it was no surprise I was extremely tense. She helped alleviate that quickly. After a few minutes to relax in their spa, I stopped at their cafe and had an On Juice drink and organic muffin. Yum. I was able to meet Coco and Maya at the family pool and enjoy some family time on the lazy river. Perfect day. And with September Wellness Month around the corner, the spa is offering $50 mini services so don’t miss out! 

Exhale Spa at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour– ( Could you ask for anything more glorious than a spa with a waterfront view in a semi-secluded location? That’s exactly what you get when you book a prenatal massage at Exhale’s Bal Harbour location. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate any specific need you may have. Their signature massages can be converted to prenatal massages and between the relaxing music and aromatic oils, I was a ball of mush on that massage table. The knots on my lower back and upper shoulders slowly dissolved and I felt weightless- almost forgetting I was pregnant. I had some time before I had to pick up Maya from camp, so I decided to take a dip in their refreshing pool and treat myself to a healthy lunch! 

The Spa at the Eden Roc Hotel– ( Sometimes all you want is a good scrub and on a recent visit to the Eden Roc Spa, I opted for an exfoliating foot scrub and massage instead of a full-body massage. It was absolutely divine to have 45 minutes of attention on my calves and feet and when you’re pregnant, there’s nothing more indulgent. My masseuse, Lisa (she’s outstanding), applied a Grotta Gusta Mud mask to my treatment to help with dryness and circulation. The Spa at the Eden Roc Hotel is being called one of the best new spas by travel magazines and it’s no wonder why. I walked out feeling like a million bucks and so did my feet! Expect more beauty and wellness treatments as both the hotel and spa continue to undergo an expansive face lift. It’s worth a visit! 

Massages by Aimee(305) 720-0149– If you find yourself on bed rest or just so overly exhausted from the pregnancy that you can’t muster the energy to drive to a spa, then you need Aimee Gonzalez. Voted by Allure Magazine as one of the top ‘South Florida Massage Therapists,’ Aimee will bring the spa services to you. Focused on giving her clients a healing experience through massages, Aimee created her own integrated massage therapy style to focus on all areas of the body. She applies the same technique to prenatal massages. Some of her clients include top athletes from the Miami Dolphins, Boston Red Sox, San Diego Chargers, and more. Her easy going natures makes her a pleasure to work with and she strives to give you muscle comfort and relief during your pregnancy. I’ve used during each trimester and I have never been disappointed. At $70 an hour, you can’t beat the excellent price and service. Did I mention she comes to you?! 

Bumpin’ Love, 

Rocco’s Mom